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    [Delivered] HTML formatting within agent responses
    Idea posted June 23, 2009 by KyleLegend, last edited August 20, 2013 by Camille ChristophersonSpecialist, tagged Agent Desktop, System Admin and Configuration 
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    [Delivered] HTML formatting within agent responses
    User Story / Description:

    Does anyone see the benefit for giving the agent the ability to send a reply back to the contact with HTML formatting instead of plain text? Personally I'd like to use bold, italics, bulleted/numbered lists, and other types of formatting commonly found in an email client. I would even go one step further and allow for inline images to be dropped in, much like the functionality here within the Lithium forum.


    • pfws
      I agree!
    • Colin Campbell

      This is something that I also find very useful but have also discovered a work around.


      As I used to be a RightNow 6 and RightNow 7 user i tested using the Active Script HTML <as-html> ></as-html> tags when I want to bold, bullet etc.


      this is untidy on the Agent Screen but works for the End user

    • mschoonmaker

      Inline images (screenshots) needed dramatically.


      It's a shame that we've been posting this same stuff for YEARS and it gets pushed off...

    • klcrandall

      I have not looked closely yet, but it appears that for chat scripting there is an html option in May'09. Answer center documents have it. It only seems logical that email responses should have that ability as well.



    • Olf.Uineken

      For my part, it doesn't have to have all the fancy (unused) stuff, but regular bold, italics and at least a solid processing of the html (just parse it) would be more than a 'must have' from my perspective.




    • Jyki

      We used lot's of inline images before we started to use RightNow Service. We have very technical products and software (protection relays for medium voltage network)  and support is usually given so that agents are explaining how to make correct settings and then add screenshots inline with text. Now using image attachment is very annoying. You have to have several references to attachments and it is difficult to follow text for the customers.


      I really hope that we get HTML formatting soon!




      e:spelling mistakes...

    • William McMahon

      I am surpirse that RightNow has such a limitation (give how many RTF tools have been developed)


      I see not having HTML Formatting in agent responses as a MAJOR limitation to the product and can highlight how this affects customers. 


      If a customer send a formatted email e.g. containing a Table, the formatted email is created as an attachment on the incident (thats good but would be nicer to see in the agent console body) but the formatting of the email is messed up in the plain text editor (tables are not displayed)


      When the agent replies to the customers incident,  the customes original email (in plain text) is return and looks an entire mess to the customer. The customer is now confused where/how his original email has gotten so messed up etc. 


      Please RightNow, please please please fix - its shouldn't be a big thing to change - its simple functionality 


      I would advise that all HTML should be possible so :

       Bold, Italics, underlines, Bullet Lists, Tables.


       Images are fine as attachments i my eyes, but simple formatting techniques are needed. 


    • Bill Utter
      Flexibility is very important. The ability for the agents to bold, italicize, and bullet or number text, add a table, add a graphic, etc. The other thing that is very important for us is the ability for an agent to easily modify a RN HTML Answer. Today, our agents copy the answer out to an HTML editor, modify the answer in the Preview window of this app, go back to the Source tab and copy and paste it back into the incident in RN. Agents should have a WYSIWYG screen in RN to do all of this.
    • Danny
      I think it's fine if it is optional. We still have a lot of users with text-only email clients, who have terrible trouble with HTML formatted emails.
    • yogesh

      I agree. This would be a great enhancement. I always I could add the images directly in the middle of the text to show customers exactly what I am talking about.


      I would also like this feature to be available in the Ask a Question tab. Currently my customers have to copy past in an attachment and then upload the same. This demotivates them to add this additional data and we end up going back to the customer and asking the same - thus reducing the FRCC.



    • sparky_moira
      This would be a really nice feature for us, as we respond to consumers on behalf of a range of brands, and it would be great to be able to 'brand' our responses with logos, signatures, different fonts etc.
    • Skywalker
      And no chance of a HTML editor coming our way..........
    • Amarinder

      I agree with this requirement of enabling HTML formatting. Here is what our client requires :

      * If the customer sends an email in HTML format, the Agent should be able to see the email contents  in the same format in the incident ( At present, all the HTML formatting is lost when the email becomes an incident)

      * Agent should be able to respond to the customer in HTML or Text format whatever format Agents Select.

      *.There should be two levels for enabling this feature. One at the admin level (profile based) and the other at the Agent level. If the Agent has been given the rights to send email in HTML format then he also should have the ability to respond back in text format if he wishes to.

      There should also be the ability to format the text such as changing the Font formattings.

      If you check the editor used here while we post the comments... this is what we require in the incident editor as well.


      Amarinder Singh

    • prashantmmt

      Totally agree with those in favour. We have a huge problem is sending communication back to the customer where the contents have been sourced from external systems and are in HTML. It is such a limitation currently to send rich content to our customers. We may be attaching weather charts, itinerary, images and they all have to be correlated with the text. Attaching is not the answer as receiver cannot correlate the images. Also all tables, formatting gets jumbled up.

      The choice of sending plain text or HTML should be with the user, on lines of what MS outlook provides.

      It is very strange that such a basic need has not been catered for in the RN solution. Every tool/solution worth the name has the HTML capability.

    • William McMahon

      Anyone from RightNow responding to these ideas?

      Does RightNow have any comments/indicator as to plans to introduce this feature.