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    [Delivered] HTML formatting within agent responses
    Idea posted June 23, 2009 by KyleLegend, last edited August 20, 2013 by Camille ChristophersonSpecialist, tagged Agent Desktop, System Admin and Configuration 
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    [Delivered] HTML formatting within agent responses
    User Story / Description:

    Does anyone see the benefit for giving the agent the ability to send a reply back to the contact with HTML formatting instead of plain text? Personally I'd like to use bold, italics, bulleted/numbered lists, and other types of formatting commonly found in an email client. I would even go one step further and allow for inline images to be dropped in, much like the functionality here within the Lithium forum.


    • Brendan

      Just adding another voice to this effort. HTML formatting in agent responses would be a big help to us.

    • Martine Heyse

      I'm voting for plain text till RN fixes the HTML answer visible for the Agent (see my post)

    • scottc

      We provide help for close to 100 branded sites in US, UK, DE & FR, and each site with it's own branded header, logo, etc. , thanks to RN, yet our email responses look out of the box...gray, drab and default RightNow.....just like most everyone else's on these threads. So much for brand identity.

      Would it be too much to ask yet again for some ability to format email responses?  Note that the orignial threads on this started back in  the forum in '07, and we still can't include a simple logo...For all the new "features" RN offers, a simple and basic one like this would be much appreciated. 

      Very tired of this old problem,

    • A.Nelson

      Hmm this has been the Top rated idea for a while now....was posted in June 09.....

      You can feel how much RNT cares!

    • NeilS

      Hey everybody, I have recently inherited this project and am working hard to get this capability delivered to you.

      Here's a quick summary of the capability, based on the requirements in this discussion thread:

      1. Agents receiving HTML-formatted emails will see the email formatted visually by default.
      2. Agents composing emails will be able to visually format the content of the email including:
        • Text formatting (Font, color, bold, italic, underline, etc.)
        • Paragraph formatting (bulleted lists, numbered lists, indenting, alignment, etc.)
        • Inclusion of RN KB Answer content
        • Inclusion of external content via the windows clipboard (copy/paste)
      3. RightNow CX will still support plain text emails:
        • Each customer can choose whether to enable HTML-formatted emails.
        • The default email response format will match the format of the email received (i.e. if the email received from the contact was plain text then the agent will respond via plain text by default and vice-versa.)
        • Agents will be able to switch between plain text and HTML formatting for each email response based on the situation at hand.
      4. Email attachments will be displayed as attached to the email specifically.
      5. Agents will be able to preview an email before sending it - at this point any external stylesheets, content embeds, etc. will be rendered so the agent can review the final email response before sending.

      Other functionality from this discussion thread that is borderline in the scope:

      1. Inline images: this is a bit more scope for the project if we need to include it.
      2. Tables: the ability for agents to draw and format tables visually would be more scope. In the current scope agents would be able to insert (copy/paste) tables into the email, but not draw them visually.

      I appreciate your input and feedback on how this capability fits with your needs. In particular, it would help us to understand the relative priority of the two borderline scope items, as well as any other essential requirements not listed above.

      Also: We are planning on making a prototype of this available for review in advance of delivering this feature. If you're interested in reviewing the prototype once it's available, please let me know and I'll add you to the list.

      - Neil

      Neil Srinivasan

      Product Manager, Dynamic Agent Desktop



    • scottc


      Yes, please sign us up for testing (or let us know how to sign up).

      And inline images is very important (we want our logo/header and footers in every email).  Table creation we can live without.


    • NeilS

      Hi Scott, thanks for the feedback on the priority of inline images and tables - this helps us gauge the scope. I've added you to the list for the prototype review. Once the prototype is available I'll reach out to you to schedule a review session.

      - Neil

    • Skywalker


      Yup please sign us up for the testing as well.

      One question though. Would you include functionality to clean up HTML? I can see agents copy pasting from word etc.


    • NeilS

      Hi Dipesh - thanks for the feedback. We'll look into the ability to keep HTML formatting when inserting (copy/paste) content from Word specifically. I've signed you up to participate in the prototype review, and will contact you to schedule a session as soon as the prototype is available.

      - Neil

    • Rajnish Kapur

      Hello Neil,

      Thanks for taking this development up - This is a much needed functionality and lack of it is preventing us from getting the users off outlook and get them on RNT platform completely.

      Specifically on your query:

      1. Inline images: this is a bit more scope for the project if we need to include it.

           This is needed as agents copy images of hotels, rooms, tours from our own or 3rd party websites. Having images is crucial to sales.

      2. Tables: the ability for agents to draw and format tables visually would be more scope. In the current scope agents would be able to insert (copy/paste) tables into the email, but not draw them visually.

      While draw/ format tables visually would be great and will help complete the functionality, ability to add / delete columns / rows would be needed to start with as agents cut and paste from templates and customize the communication as per context of the query.

      3. Spell checker would be great too.

      4. The copy and paste can be from variety of applications - not just word or notepad. Can be from Web etc and especially  in our case from Amadeus GDS screens.

      Rest all seems to be fine. Looking forward to testing the prototype soon.



    • Ekko

      Hi Neil, great to see RNT finally getting onto this.

      Please sign us up for the prototype too, looking forward to it.


    • NeilS

      Hi Rajnish - thanks for the input. We're going to have to take a harder look at including create/edit tables and inline images in the initial scope based on everyone's feedback. Will keep you posted in this discussion. Per your other points, we will continue to offer spell checking and copy/paste should work so long as the format is HTML or plain text. I have you signed you up to participate in the prototype review also, and will reach out to you and YS to schedule a review session when the prototype is available. Thanks again,

      - Neil

    • Rajnish Kapur

      Hi Neil - Is there a time frame? As we have to get back to the business to manage expectations.



    • NeilS

      Hi Rajnish - at this point, the delivery date is contingent on the prototype validation; so we will be setting a target release date as soon as the prototype reviews are completed this summer. I understand the need to manage expectations - so I don't want to give you a premature/inaccurate target. I'll make a note to discuss dates in more detail in our prototype review session.

      - Neil

    • jequita1


      Sign Audiovox up for a test of this functionality as well I'll be happy to donate some time to testing