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    Raghu Prem Telukuntla
    Oracle Service Cloud Implementation Certification
    Topic posted November 15, 2017 by Raghu Prem TelukuntlaRegular 
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    Oracle Service Cloud Implementation Certification

    Hi Team,

    I am planning to write Oracle RightNow Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials. Can anyone guide me to crack this exam.

    I dont have any working experience in oracle rightnow service cloud. Please guide me to gain experience and to crack this exam.





    • Pavol Procka

      If you do not have the possibility to gain field experience it might be difficult. For starters, you should definitely at least take the following trainings:

    • Danette Beal

      Hi Raghu,

      So excited to see you are getting certified!!! I know quite a few people who have passed this exam and although its not easy, it is doable. Here is my advice on top of what Pavol linked to. This advice is based on me passing the older exam. I have not taken the new certification, but I have colleagues who have passed both and I think they're of similar format.

      You cannot blast through this exam without having a working knowledge of the system.  I would make sure you are comfortable with most functional admin capabilities as the exam is heavily weighted on 'how would you approach this' type of questions. I've also passed the SFDC 201 exam and in my opinion salesforce is easier to fake your way through than the Oracle exam, so make sure you put in the work to actual admin the site first.

      There are going to be those questions on the exam that you think: I know FOR A FACT, this is the right answer, and it will turn out wrong. In my opinion, these questions are the ones most people end of failing the exam over. Read through the questions and think about each potential answer very carefully because there are those gotchas on the exam. Which is why you need to have a working knowledge of the system before you take the exam.

      Understand what functionality is set and available at a profile level and an interface level. There are going to be questions that ask "can you set this setting on a profile level and have it available on multiple interfaces". Knowing where to set what and where it is available will be key to quite a few questions.

      The exam is timed, make sure to read through the questions and if you have any doubt on the answer, flag it and keep going. Go back to your flagged question at the end and work through them after you've completed all the questions. If you spend too much time going back and forth on one particular question, it could leave you with not enough time to complete the rest of the exam.

      Good Luck! Make sure to come back let us know when you pass it!!!

      Danette, Community Manager