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    Updated Community Reputation System
    Topic posted September 22, 2014 by eleepHero, last edited August 20, 2015 
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    Updated Community Reputation System


    As part of re-vamping this Community, we updated and beefed up the reputation and rank system. This helps distinguish between long-time contributors and experts and newer members of the Community, so you have a better sense of who you're interacting with. At each level, you gain increased recognition of your skills from both your peers and Oracle. Plus, it just makes it more fun to contribute and see your status climb!

    Check out the different statuses and point levels and see different members at each status level here

    Let us know if you have questions, and in the meantime, have fun as you work your way through the different levels!




    • Nisar Ahmed

      This is good. It certainly is exciting to see oneself climb the ranks over a period of time. However, Is there a breakup of points for every action performed on the forums? For example:

      • How many points for creating a topic?
      • How many points for posting a comment?
      • How many points for having a comment accepted?
      • How many points for having a comment rated up?
      • etc..
    • eleep

      Hi Arun,

      Thanks for the feedback and your question! Yes, there are points assigned to the different actions and contributions within the Community Forum and Idea Lab. Here's the breakdown:



       Create Post  15
       Create Comment  20
       Rate Post  5
       Rate Comments  5
       Commented Selected as Best Answer   30
       Comment on my Post  5
       Rating Received on My Post  10
       Rating on My Comment  10

      We would potentially adjust this if we have observations about how it could be improved, so I wouldn't say that it is written in stone. Of course, we would take into account how active members' reputation and rank was impacted by any possible changes.

      Let me know if you have any questions.


    • Nisar Ahmed

      Cool! Thanks for the breakup.

    • Nisar Ahmed

      After having observed the rankings for some time, I feel that I'm moving up the ladder quite fast - not that I'm complaining wink

      From a user's POV, I think the points pool can be looked into again.

    • Matthew Lees

      Congratulations on moving up the ladder, Arun! (And for noticing it that this has been happening, too.)

      Believe me, as you get to higher reputation levels, it becomes that more difficult to reach the next level. We all hope you eventually make it to the top level (Ultimate Point Tycoon), but that may take a while yet...

    • eleep

      Hi Arun,

      Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.

      As Matthew noted, the higher you go up the rank, the steeper the climb is. wink 

      I used a spiffy Community reputation modeler that Matthew built and part of the rationale is that contributors, like yourself, would steadily climb through the initial ranks to reflect their growing contributions to the Community. Looking at your profile, it looks like you've started approx. 15 conversations thus far in 2015 (approx. the same # of conversations you started since you joined in May 2013) and contributed approx. 54 comments (more than double the comments you made since you joined in May 2013), so I think it's reasonable that your rank has jumped as your contributions certainly have!

      With that said, I am open to making adjustments as needed, so I'll be curious to hear what your experience is in a few more months time. smiley 



    • Nisar Ahmed

      Thanks Matthew and eleep!

      You guys are right. I noticed that the points required to move to the next level increases significantly at the higher levels and is lower at the starting levels. So I guess I jumped the gun too soon cheeky

    • eleep

      Hi Folks,

      Just wanted to let you know we're been monitoring our reputation system for awhile now. Based on our monitoring, we made a few adjustments, including: 

      • Changed the icon associated with "Rookie" and added a "Newbie" rank with a similar icon to make it easier for other members to see when someone who is new in the Community and potentially needs a little extra help (e.g. where to post their question, online community etiquette, other resources they can use). 
      • Adding a new level "Whiz" in the middle tier
      • Adjusted points for Rookie, Regular, Journeyer, and Explorer 

      As you can probably tell, these changes are geared more towards newer members or contributors of our community. Due to a limitation in the number of reputation levels allowed, we had to remove some of the upper echelon ranks, so in the future, we may look to adjust some of the other rank names and icons accordingly. Check out these changes on the Community Reputation System page.

      In talking with many of you, we know you enjoy climbing the Community rank system and take pride in your rank, so we hope these changes improve this aspect of the Community and help us welcome and nurture new contributors in our community.

      As always, let me know if you have questions or feedback. 

      Erica, Community Manager

    • Shiloh Madsen

      I remember having a high rank...sniffle 



    • Sebastiaan

      Hi Erica.

      I noticed an error on the page

      It shows the points for all members in all levels except for members in level Whiz :-)

    • eleep

      My bad! This has been fixed! Thanks for pointing out this oversight, Sebastiaan. We appreciate it! And nice to see you back on the Community! smiley

      Erica, Community Manager

    • Sebastiaan

      Thanks Erica.

      Yeah I switched jobs (after 9 years), my new employer had created a new profile for me. I thought... I might just as well use my new profile :-)

    • eleep

      Congrats on the new job, Sebastiaan! I actually submitted a request to have your posts/comments from your old profile moved over to your new profile, so you'll get a nice bump in your reputation as soon as that request goes through. wink

    • Sebastiaan

      Thank you so much for your kindness Erica :-)

    • Pavol Procka

      I am not 100% sure, because I do not know how fast it refreshes, but I feel like the "Create Comment" is not giving 20 points, but only 15 (seems to be the same as for Create Post).