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    Mateus Alves
    Chats report
    Topic posted January 12, 2018 by Mateus AlvesJourneyer 
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    Chats report

    Is there a report that shows for hours of the day how many agents were online vs. how many chats were active vs. how many chats were on hold?

    if it does not exist, how can I generate these 3 columns in a completely new report?

    (I already know how to do the group by time of day)

    Service Cloud.



    • Carl Elliott

      The chat reports are all under the Service / Chats folder.  You can find real-time reports that will give you that information but the problem is there is not a way to show historically what those type numbers were for any given point in time. Your best option would be to run a real time report on a set interval and publish the report.  Then you could use an Excel routine to pull them together to build a history.