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    Meet "March Hero of the Month” Jessica Campbell, B...
    Entry posted April 18, 2017 by eleepHero, last edited April 18, 2017, tagged Member Spotlight 
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    Meet "March Hero of the Month” Jessica Campbell, Brother International

    Another month has flown by, and we are inviting another customer service hero to step out from the shadows and embrace their hero status in our “Hero of the Month” feature!

    It is my pleasure to introduce you to our “March Hero of the Month” Jessica Campbell from Brother International Corporation. Jessica has been generously contributing her experience on Hero Hub activities around sharing tip, tricks and hacks with the agent desktop; keeping your knowledge base updated; adding fields to your customer profile; and even networking at conferences.

    Company:  Brother International Corporation is a manufacturing company committed to product quality and excellent customer service. While Brother provides products and solutions in industries from office products to web-conferencing to industrial garment printing, Brother is best known for their PC-Magazine award-winning line of business machines including Multi-Function Printers, Scanners, and Fax Machines. You may also have heard of their P-Touch labeling products. And if you are a Project Runway fan, you may have seen their sewing, quilting, and embroidery machines featured on your favorite episodes.

    How and when did you first learn about Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow)?

    I was researching survey delivery packages and overheard some of the Oracle Service Cloud sales cycle discussions. I realized that the Engage Module would do most of the work we needed and was included in the Enterprise Contact Center license. I sat in on investigational meetings starting in October 2014 and became part of the implementation team from the end of 2014 to our go-live in September 2015. I inadvertently became the primary admin, because of a brain quirk that allows me to remember almost everything I have read, heard, or experienced. I can still see the business process flows if I close my eyes.  

    What is your role at Brother International Corporation?

    I am a Project Coordinator for our Service Division and the Primary Oracle Service Cloud Administrator.

    What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

    I like taking on new challenges and finding novel solutions for improving processes and operations which affect our customers and agents.

    What is something that you’re proud of in your time of using Oracle Service Cloud?

    Just one thing? Ok, let’s go with the creation of a custom PHP reporting script to allow me to tell users at a glance whether a change in Net Promoter Score is statistically significant from one month to the next.  

    How have you used Oracle Service Cloud to solve a business problem within your organization?

    Out of the box answer feedback functionality requires users to login or provide an email address order to provide extended answer feedback, and the system creates contacts which didn’t fit our business requirements. Most of our customers do not log in, and we did not expect that we would get much feedback if we required a First Name, Last Name, and Email address for every submission.

    So I customized a widget to allow anonymous answer feedback in order to encourage feedback from the 95% of our customers who do not log in. The benefits of this custom answer feedback widget are twofold—first, we provide a better customer experience and second, we get more answer feedback.

    Watch Jessica demo their anonymous answer feedback widget!

    Custom "Anonymous Answer Feedback"

    Why do you participate in the Oracle Service Cloud Hero Hub?

    I think the Hero Hub is a fun way to keep up with the latest Oracle Service Cloud news and to learn about how others use the system capabilities. And I love badges. But really, I participate because I understand how communities of knowledge can enable their members to learn at far higher rates than solo endeavors.

    What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

    I don’t think it is weird, but the coolest job I have ever had was my time as a Certified Professional Ski and Snowboard Instructor. I had a lot of fun applying my love of snow sports with my scientific knowledge and people skills to introduce many happy students to the joys of skiing and snowboarding. I still keep up my certifications and attend trainings, because I truly love teaching skiing and snowboarding. It’s on my list of after winning the lottery jobs.

    What’s the most recent movie/book that you’ve seen/read?

    I just finished reading and listening to the first three books in the “Iron Druid Chronicles” by Kevin Hearne. I normally prefer reading to listening, but the narration of these books is excellent, and the voice of the dog, Oberon, is not to be missed. Thankfully, my favorite eBook reader allows me to download narration along with the text, so I can do both at the same time.

    What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?  

    A tank of fuel to drive to the lottery office. But the first large purchase would be a house for my grandmother. After that? A tricked out RV for cross country adventures!


    Congratulations Jessica! Of course, we couldn’t agree more with your comment about how communities of knowledge can enable members to learn faster than they would alone. smiley Thank you for engaging in the Hero Hub and being a contributor in the Community too!!

    Want be our next Spotlighted Hero? Each month, we’ll look at active participants in the Hero Hub and pick a top contributor to feature next month!