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    [In Development] RightNow agent functionality via mobile...
    Idea posted November 10, 2010 by KyleLegend, last edited May 5, 2015 by Christopher PattersonJourneyer, tagged Agent Desktop, System Admin and Configuration 
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    [In Development] RightNow agent functionality via mobile devices
    User Story / Description:

    Please let me know if this Idea already exists (b/c I thought it did but couldn't find it via a search). I know the recent buzz has been about RightNow mobile for the customer but where are we at with this for the agent? I continue to receive frequent requests from our agents across our 40+ implementations about when will they be able to manage an incident from their smart phone. This is especially important because many of our agents aren't anchored to a specific location and as a result rely on their iPhone, droid, etc to facilitate their communications.

    Earlier today I participated in the RightNow Higher Education User Group Meeting and this feature was one of the top requests from the participants. I can't imagine that this functionaility is only pertinent to agents at colleges and universities so I'm hoping this will become a reality soon. Can someone at RightNow specify where this is at at on the product roadmap. I mean, it is on the roadmap, right?

    There are hundreds of thousands of apps available for smart phones. If I can have one that measures how high, how fast and how often I can throw my iPhone in the air then I'm sure it's not unrealistic to be able to manage a support incident from one.


    • Joe Lehman

      Yes, I would love this feature.  Sometimes I don't have access to a computer.  This could range from being out on location somewhere, traveling, or even if I am at home and my main computer is turned of.  If there was an app from RightNow where I could login and respond to an incident.  The application doesn't need to have to bee the full feature.  Just enough probably to maybe update an answer to creating or responding to an incident.

      Kyle you need to throw your phone higher. 1.23 seconds isn't very high lol.

    • DaveF

      Its a request that we get occasionally Kyle/Joe and I've seen it pop up on one or more longer term roadmaps for what we want to do on mobile, but there are other things that we would probably like to do on mobile first before we turn our attention away from the consumer interaction to the agent interaction, like broader device coverage, SMS, type ahead behaviors and moving some of the cool new capabilities that Q-Go provides to the mobile device.

      If we did provide an agent interface on mobile, what else would you need to do other than see your inbox and respond to an incident?

    • Joe Lehman

      The only other things I could see would be basic admin tools such as creating an account, locking accounts, making minor changes to FAQs.  I could see these things being useful if you were out of the office and didn't have access to a computer and need to make a quick change..  I don't see a need for any advanced features.  Mainly the creating and replying to messages on the go.

    • Kyle

      From the discussion I've had with many of our agents, they're really just looking for incident management, opening, responding to, and making changes to any fields within the workspace. I'd be perfectly fine just to have this functionality. However, if we want to go further and over to the admin side then account management would be nice.

      It's still hard to believe that incident management doesn't exist within mobile. For me that was always a fundamental component of the functionality.

    • Stephen Pickett

      I've actually looked at implementing this myself using WSDL so that myself and my team can update support incidents through our iPhones but you need to use a Mac to develop a native app - we may look at, instead, implementing this via the web. The only problem I can see with this is that there is a limit to the number of WSDL transactions you can perform before incurring a cost.

    • Kyle
      Stephen Pickett said:

      I've actually looked at implementing this myself using WSDL so that myself and my team can update support incidents through our iPhones but you need to use a Mac to develop a native app..


      And speaking of Macs...

    • Dev

      Our Sales Reps in the field would need to be able to update notes on an Opportunity. It would be also useful to Create a Contact.

      Even adjusting the web-based Accessibilty Interface to allow them to update notes on an Opportunity and add a Contact could work since most smart phones / iPads have web browsers.  

    • Kyle

      Our organization sent two people to the developer conference a couple weeks ago. They found it to be very valuable but one thing they passed along was pretty disappointing. From what I understand, during a keynote presentation from someone at RightNow, they were told that it was the company's view that mobile functionality for agents isn't something that would be of priority on the product road-map and not to expect anything soon. 


      Again, I wasn't at the conference but if I understood my colleagues correctly then what on earth is the driving force behind this decision? I can't believe that when talking to your customers they don't think this is a prevailing need for their staff/organization? I moderate our regional user group and at our last meeting we discussed agent mobile functionality. All 24 people in the room agreed it would be a useful/valuable tool to have. Sure, RightNow Mobile for end-users is nice, but it's only half the pie here.

      If this isn't something that's on the front burner then what's the real reason behind the decision because I can't believe it's a lack of interest from customers who use this tool. I oversee 47 sites across our system and we're frequently bombarded with this request. Does it come down to development obstacles? For now let's push the 900-lb gorilla called Mac/iPad/non-Windows OS incompatibility out of the room. If RightNow Mobile for agents can't be delivered because of design barriers  then just let us know. However, given the pervasiveness of mobile use and the emerging trends I can't help but think RightNow is shooting itself in the foot if they don't consider it to be a priority.

      Hopping off my soap box, going back to work... from my Windows PC.

    • Kyle

      Kirk Weisler is a frequent speaker/presenter at the RightNow Summits. Recently on his Thought for the Day blog he posted the Pink Elephant "Are You Ready?" video from their annual conference. Not only is it thought-provoking, but it also highlights some of the issues discussed here in this Idea about mobile access for agents.

    • Stephen Pickett

      Very thought provoking, even if you are already aware of the message - I suggest the decision makers at RightNow watch this video!

    • Kelly Jacobson

       My agents are in my face about being able to handle their tickets via their mobile devices.  We also have about 5 - 6 IT staff that are now using iPads for mobility.  As you can imagine, they are frustrated to have to go to a computer, potentially install the client, and then work on their requests.  When they are out in the field (across the campus) it would be ideal for them to be able to easily look at updates to requests in the Queues we have (without filling their mailboxes with notifications for each request - this is overwhelming).

    • Stephen Pickett

      Why not at the very least disable the feature that prevents use of the Accessibility Interface on anything but IE (or whatever the restriction is).

    • Arjen

      I couldn't agree more. The new way of working: anywhere, anytime on any device is thé topic of todays knowledge workers.  

    • Kyle

      Here's what I don't get. At the last Summit I attended a breakout session on RightNow mobile and the importance of being able to deliver mobile services to the customer was repeatedly hammered home. I remember writing down quotes from the presenter about how a company in today's market could not afford not to deliver mobile functionality to their customers. I was amazed at the irony from these statements because here we have RightNow and to date no mobile functionality for their customers who were sitting in the breakout session. I just had my boss stop by and ask when RightNow would deliver this functionality because when he's on the road he wants to be able to manage incidents, tasks, etc. I suppose the only consolation is that he's just as screwed as the rest of us.

      And from what I've heard the product roadmap is still a dirt road for 2012. When asked at the Summit what the plans were for mobile delivery I was told that one option is to deploy RightNow through a Citrix server. Actually, this sort of works but the interface isn't customized for mobile display so it's better on larger screens such as tablets. What RightNow failed to consider is the cost. I don't know about other companies but one of our organizations is testing a Citrix server delivery (for other apps) and I believe the cost was around $100,000. Regardless of how valuable mobile delivery is for agents I'm fairly certain it's not $100K. RightNow mentioned that they were looking at offering a Citrix service to their customers and I thought this could be helpful, at least until they caught up with the rest of the world. But when asked they said that there would be a charge for this service. Seriously? Your software lacks vital functionality and your solution is cost-prohibitive so the answer is to pass along these costs to the customer and punish them for it.

      I know RightNow's catch phrase is to rid the world of bad experiences. But it seems they're following this strategy one experience at a time and mobile functionality is way too far down their to-do list.

    • Kyle

      Read this article about how PC sales are significantly slowing without much of a positive outlook. And the primary reason: iPad and other tablets. Of particular interest was this excerpt:

      Consumer computing habits are changing as more applications shift to the cloud. Email, Web browsing and social networking, which once required a PC, can now be done on a smartphone or tablet.

      And yet, here I am still having to use RightNow on my Windows PC. I can't help but think how many people at RightNow who read this have an iPad, tablet, smart phone and don't see the irony.