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    [In Development] RightNow agent functionality via mobile...
    Idea posted November 10, 2010 by KyleLegend, last edited May 5, 2015 by Christopher PattersonJourneyer, tagged Agent Desktop, System Admin and Configuration 
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    [In Development] RightNow agent functionality via mobile devices
    User Story / Description:

    Please let me know if this Idea already exists (b/c I thought it did but couldn't find it via a search). I know the recent buzz has been about RightNow mobile for the customer but where are we at with this for the agent? I continue to receive frequent requests from our agents across our 40+ implementations about when will they be able to manage an incident from their smart phone. This is especially important because many of our agents aren't anchored to a specific location and as a result rely on their iPhone, droid, etc to facilitate their communications.

    Earlier today I participated in the RightNow Higher Education User Group Meeting and this feature was one of the top requests from the participants. I can't imagine that this functionaility is only pertinent to agents at colleges and universities so I'm hoping this will become a reality soon. Can someone at RightNow specify where this is at at on the product roadmap. I mean, it is on the roadmap, right?

    There are hundreds of thousands of apps available for smart phones. If I can have one that measures how high, how fast and how often I can throw my iPhone in the air then I'm sure it's not unrealistic to be able to manage a support incident from one.


    • Kyle

      Thanks Christopher, I appreciate you following up on some of these pending Ideas. Hopefully it will be soon when I can use my Samsung Galaxy to respond to a service request. :)

    • Kyle

      Nine months since this 5 1/2 year old Idea was updated and it's mind boggling that we still don't have mobile functionality for agents given that so many other CRM companies deliver it.

      Here's a feature that should be fairly straightforward to develop and will provide many agents with instant relief: allow them to send a reply back to the customer via their mobile device by simply replying to the email notification. We constantly get this question from our prospective customers and the lack of this feature is often a barrier for adoption (the situation just came up again for us earlier this week).

      Let's be honest, we know it's possible so the mystery is why not allow it?  If a contact can update an incident by replying to an email notification then an agent should be allowed to do the same. It would certainly go a long way in the goal to make Service Cloud mobile accessible for their agents.

    • Kyle

      Just saying... Turn your rep’s mobile device into a productivity machine

      “You have hourly sales in the palm of your hand, and that’s fantastic,” says John Mazur, EVP of Sales and Services. “Before you had to wait a month to get a report made by accounting. I have that now before they have it. That’s very powerful. We couldn’t have a business like we have today without Salesforce.”