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    [Under Consideration] Case sensitive search for Dynamic...
    Idea posted December 6, 2017 by Lokesh RangannaWhiz, last edited December 7, 2017 by Mike WierzbowskiSpecialist, tagged Field Service 
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    [Under Consideration] Case sensitive search for Dynamic Filter
    User Story / Description:

    Dear Team,

    The dynamic filter we are using is case sensitive and needs the exact value to be queried to give the result. As per our business requirement we need :

    1> Case insensitive dynamic filter search option and

    2> Even few letters in the searching criteria should be able to give all the similar result. 

    For example have created a dynamic filter on the List view named "Customer Name"
    Now we have few Activities where we have customer named as "Vivek Kumar" and Now if I use the dynamic filter and search for "Vivek" or "KUMAR" then no result comes.

    Please consider it as an enhancement to make the searching more flexible in OFS.


    Vivek Kumar



    • Zsolt

      Hi Vivek,

      2) Maybe you are using a wrong logic in the filter conditions, while fragmented search is working fine here without any issue. For example the customer name is "VIVEK KUMAR" and I search with "VEK" (no limitation here, even a single letter is works).
      In <> Contains.

      1) But unfortunately the small or big capital letters is a different case which isn't solvable at this moment. A workaround can be if you deny small capital usage.


    • Mike Wierzbowski


      Thanks for sharing your idea with the Idea Lab.

      This is being considered for a future release.  We do not have a planned release at this time.


      Oracle Field Service Cloud Product Management Team