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    Vinay Kumar
    How to make Reference relationship control Mandatory on OPA...
    Topic posted August 21, 2018 by Vinay KumarExplorer 
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    How to make Reference relationship control Mandatory on OPA Interview

    I Can't see any Option to make Reference relationship control Mandatory in OPA Interview Tab. for now i created a reference relationship and able to pull loaded OSC Instances to Reference relationship  dropdown and can't able to make it mandatory. I do have one complex scenario, from OSC Object i am Loading Category,Sub-Category,Sub-category-Description as Instances based on Entity Condition.Now,Based on Category,the Dynamic load of Sub-category should happen and again based on Sub-Category the Dynamic Load of Sub-category-Description in Drop-down should happen.For Example,Based on Entity Condition Category instances are 1,2 & Sub-category Instances are A,B,C,D and Sub-category-Description Instances are a,b,c,d. Now for Category-1,it Loaded  Subcategory-A,B,C,D  and for every Subcategory-A,B,C,D it should be shown with Sub-category-Description - a,b,c,d as drop-down values.
    Any Idea on this will be very helpful for me

    May 01 2018



    • Matt Sevin

      For mandatory, see:

      For multi-value hierarchical lists, see:

    • Vinay Kumar

      Hi Matt Sevin,

      Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge. In Control State Button Option, there is no Option to make a Reference Relationship Control Mandatory(As Drop Down) that collecting Instances loading from OSC on Entity Condition.In Documentation,it was mentioned that Reference Relation can be made as Mandatory. PFA Attached file where you can see where Reference relationship on Interview collecting Instances has only options Show or Read-Only in Control State Button.

      Coming to  multi-value hierarchical lists, our requirement is dynamic load of Category,Sub-category,Description will be loaded as Instances to that Entity not as Value-Lists of that Metadata Connection. Dynamically Loaded Instances of Category,Sub-category,Description  should be shown as three drop-downs on OPA Interview.To Create Value lists,Values in drop-down on OPA Interview are not Static Values as Values in the drop-down are Dynamically loaded Instances of Entity. Is there any feasibility to go with OPA Functionality or need to go with Java Script?

      For Example it's like Country,State,City are loaded as Instances of Entity based on Entity Condition from OSC. Now, Country,State,City Instances of that entity should be in a there different drop-downs where Cities are Filtered by State and States are Filtered by Country.

    • Matt Sevin

      See the same post (and subsequent response) here: How to pull Loaded Entity Instances from OSC into OPA...