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    Meet "February Hero of the Month” Rhianna Albert, e...
    Entry posted March 20, 2017 by eleepHero, tagged Member Spotlight 
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    Meet "February Hero of the Month” Rhianna Albert, eVerge Group

    With the Oracle Service Cloud Hero Hub, we are excited to highlight customer service heroes who have been living quietly amongst us. For our “Hero of the Month,” we’re asking a top contributor from the Hero Hub to step out of the shadows and embrace their hero status!

    It is my pleasure to introduce you to our second “Hero of the Month” Rhianna Albert from eVerge Group.

    Rhianna Albert

    eVerge Group



    Company:  eVerge Group, LLC is an Oracle Platinum Partner specializing in Oracle Service Cloud in addition to Oracle Cloud HCM, Cloud ERP, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Incentive Comp, and Enterprise Information Management.

    How and when did you first learn about Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow)? 

    I first heard about RightNow around 2003 – 2004 when I was working in a contact center from a barcode scanning company. The next time I heard about RightNow was when I applied for a system administrator job at a global camera manufacturer.

    What is your role at eVerge?

    I am the Director of eVerge’s Service Cloud practice which includes all applications under the Oracle Service Cloud umbrella. In my current role, I am responsible for activities during the sales cycles and delivery.

    What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

    Meeting and developing relationships with new people. It is always rewarding speaking with likeminded individuals with an understanding of customer experience.

    What is something you’re proud of doing with the Oracle Service Cloud solution?

    We designed and implemented a .NET Add-In for a few customers using Oracle Service Cloud and Field Service, and it is pretty slick! 

    • Business Challenge: Contact centers with a field organization (or even contact centers with an escalation path involving subject matter experts who aren’t always available) often have a requirement to schedule an expert to resolve the consumer’s issue, rather than just having the first available expert contact the consumer. Scheduling is a better experience because it’s at the consumer’s convenience. 
    • Solution: We used a NET Add-In, several custom business objects (e.g. RMAs, work orders or appointment details depending specifics customer requirements), workflow and agent scripting to design a solution for this use case. Here’s the flow:
      • Consumer calls in and talks to a contact center agent about an issue requiring a field agent.
      • Agent is presented with a screen with different choices for call categorization. For this scenario, they click “Repair/Schedule” and then go to a workspace with an “Appointment” tab. On that tab, the agent can click “Get Capacity” that does a Field Service API call and displays a calendar. The agent tells customers what is available (e.g. morning, afternoon, all day, 1pm) and books a calendar time based on the consumer’s schedule. The agent saves the incident.
      • Consumer gets an email notification, and the field agent gets an appointment. Typically we’re passing over some incident detail via APIs, so agent doesn’t need to re-enter information into the appointment and the field expert has the relevant history.
      • If customer calls back and needs to reschedule, the agent can simply open an existing incident and reschedule.
    • Benefits:  Most organizations didn’t have the ability to schedule their dispatches or have visibility into the status of issues, reports, etc. They’re thrilled to schedule and log their dispatches and have visibility into issues.

    Demo of Field Service Accelerator

    We actually use this same functionality with our India-based team, so they can schedule times to meet with their customers and discuss issues. It helps ensure that we’re hitting our SLAs with managed services clients…something that using Outlook meeting invites doesn’t help us with!

    Hero Rhianna AlbertWhat’s been your initial experience in the Hero Hub?

    I have had a lot of fun participating in the challenges and providing feedback on ways to improve the Hero Hub. I have seen a lot of familiar faces (even a few who I helped train), which is encouraging to know there is still so many of us around and meet new faces too. I mostly use the iPhone Maven app but have used the website a few times as well.

    What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t doing this?

    If money weren’t a factor, I would teach or be a career student or both. It doesn’t matter what topic, although I thought about being a mathematics teacher once upon a time. I frequently find myself in a teaching role but also immensely enjoy learning. If you asked Myers & Briggs, they would agree as I have tested consistently as an ENFJ since college.

    What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

    I have worked in some form since before I was a teenager and have had a lot of jobs, so this is a tough question! I would say working for Brookhaven National Laboratory in high school and college was definitely unique. You don’t really get a true appreciation of physicists from watching “The Big Bang Theory!” I learned so much from all the brilliant people around me and the world wide web was still really new, so I got to teach them a lot as well and even write some software that helps run part of the particle collider there.


    Congratulations Rhianna! We’re excited how the Hero Hub is helping you make new and strengthen existing connections in the broader Oracle Service Cloud Community. Thank you for engaging in the Hero Hub (and tipping us off on how to make hero-like graphics) and being a regular contributor in the Community too!!

    Want be our next Spotlighted Hero? Each month, we’ll look at active participants in the Hero Hub and pick a top contributor to feature next month!