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    Allow Alphabetical Sorting of Menu Items
    Idea posted April 15, 2017 by Jon HilgemanJourneyer, tagged Agent Desktop 
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    Allow Alphabetical Sorting of Menu Items
    User Story / Description:

    For customers who have large volumes of items in their menu objects (e.g. 2,000 Incident Queues), adding a new item can be frustrating because it automatically creates the new item at the end of the list. There is currently no way to programmatically change the sequence for most of these items, so it would be nice to have a better way to manage these objects. For example:

    1. A button that allows one-click alphabetical sorting of the menu items.

    2. Right-click on a menu item to get additional options on re-ordering just that item.

    3. When you've selected an existing queue, change the "New" item location to be below that selected item. 



    • Corbin Midgley

      We manually put our client list in alphabetical order for over 700 clients. This would be very helpful.

    • Justin Beer

      This is a great idea! I have very large lists to maintain and it is a time waster to put each new item into the correct position.

    • JJ

      I want to LIKE this but can't see how.

      Would be excellent.