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    [Not Planned] BUI Social thread - Images shared on a social...
    Idea posted January 13, 2017 by Christine MetzWhiz, last edited August 11, 2017 by Jerremy TownsendJourneyer, tagged Agent Browser UI, Social Monitor 
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    [Not Planned] BUI Social thread - Images shared on a social post/message not accessible from service cloud
    User Story / Description:

    As an agent, I need to view the images posted by the social user in his post/comment/private message in order to have the full message of the customer.

    Today, only the text of the message is recovered in the social monitor, not the images/attachement.

    In the other side, the agent should be able to send a picture/attachment when reply to a social incident.



    • Jerremy Townsend

      Hi Christine. 

      Thanks for posting this idea.  This idea is Not Planned.  Social Monitor is not meeting majority of customers requirements and not gaining adoption, therefore we will be focusing on our SRM integration instead of enhancing the current social monitor capabilities.  Please check out our SRM accelerator for more information.

      Jerremy Townsend

      Oracle Service Cloud Product Management