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    Editing the Incident Workspace ribbons in BUI vs .NETAnswered
    Topic posted January 9, 2018 by JamesWhiz 
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    Editing the Incident Workspace ribbons in BUI vs .NET

    Hi All,

    I was hoping that I could get some guidance on editing the Incident Workspace ribbon within BUI.

    I can add various editor commands to the ribbon within .NET and they appear as they should, in this case "Send" & "Send and Close". However, when viewing the same ribbon in BUI, the commands are contained in a menu button. Whilst I appreciate that it is only an extra click, it would be more time effective if they could be within the ribbon along with the other commands.

    Is there any way of adding them to the main ribbon at the head of the workspace?

    I have added two screenshots to outline the difference.

    Another thing I have noticed is the Send On Save tickbox appears to be missing from BUI. The option is enabled and apparent within .NET, however is nowhere to be seen within BUI. Is this by design (I saw something about deprecation of “Send on Save” I believe) or would this be classed as a defect?

    Many thanks for any help provided.

    OSvC 17C

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    Hi James,

    Take a look Hope this helps.

    Jens Lundell
    Oracle Service Cloud