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    kerry walker
    Answer Versioning
    Topic posted June 13, 2018 by kerry walkerExplorer 
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    Answer Versioning


    Our team is preparing to upgrade to 18B, which features Answer Versioning.  We've seen the You Tube video tutorial so we have an idea of what is involved. However, many of our Answer reviewers are not OSvC users.  We are wondering if anyone has a solution for sending Answers to reviewers that are not OSvC users, while still maintaining the benefits of Answer Versioning?  Thanks!!  =]




    • Dev Aditya

      Hi kerry,

      I am not sure how that non user of OSvC will edit answers, however, I guess I have an idea to help you with showing answers to them before it is public.

      1. Create a new access level, let us call it Review.

      2. Create a SLA, let us call it 'Reviewer' and assign 'Review' access level to this SLA.

      3. Assign 'Review' access level to selected answers.

      4. Create contact for all reviewers, Now, either create a separate organization for all the reviewers and assign the 'Reviewer' SLA to it, or assign this SLA individually to all contact records for reviewers.

      This way, all the answers in access level 'Review' will be visible to 'Reviewers' only on the customer portal.



    • kerry walker

      Hey Dev, 

      Thank you for your reply.  I appreciate the insight!



    • Luuk

      Answer editing outside of OSC is not supported. However... you should be able to make something using the Customer Portal and Connect for PHP or the API's.

      Create, update, destroy are available so you can use that.

      *Just don't tell Oracle that you're doing this*

    • kerry walker

      Hey Luuk, 

      Thank you for the info!  =]


    • Anthony Smith

      I was wondering why this post was getting downvoted.

      Kerry, one thing you might want to do is check with your account manager before you start the build as per Luuk's suggest. Essentially what you're doing is avoiding paying for named seats.

      We normally do it is pretty much how Dev suggested, and then we use an incident queue to submit feedback to the content team. In all honesty you'll get better results anyway, whenever you open it up for everyone to edit - sure you get everyone's updates, but there is no consistency, the content will look messy as ***, formatting will be different, there will be 20 fonts and colours, writing style will be anything from bulletpointed lists to long essays comparing processes to eating blue cheese on a sunny day. If however you get the entire orgainsation to submit feedback in a form of an incident, your content team would then ensure that any changes are entered in a consistent manner, etc.

    • Dev Aditya

      Hi Anthony,

      There was troll in the community who was downvoting everything. However, no worries, his access has been revoked by Erica.


    • Anthony Smith
      Dev Aditya said:

      Hi Anthony,

      There was troll in the community who was downvoting everything. However, no worries, his access has been revoked by Erica.


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      Sweet thanks, I was trying to work that one out