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    Add more details to the Notifications component
    Idea posted November 18, 2016 by cburWhiz, tagged Agent Desktop, Customer Portal, Feedback/Surveys, Other, Outreach/Marketing Campaigns, Reporting, System Admin and Configuration 
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    Add more details to the Notifications component
    User Story / Description:

    Currently the messages in the Notifications component do not contain a lot of detail, making it difficult to impossible to troubleshoot the underlying errors. It would be great if some additional information could be added to make the message clearer and allow better troubleshooting.

    For example: We lately started receiving System Application Error notifications with the message: [interface]: Request for non-existent link.  ID = 0

    We contacted Oracle support about it and received the following information:

    I have checked the event_queue and the corresponding time stamps of each of the notifications and attempted to trace it back to a link or corresponding action on the Customer Portal Pages but there appears to be no consistency between the notification being triggered and a specific action via Apache logs.

     The reason of why these notifications appear is the one that was explained in my previous response- > meaning that a link is clicked and the server returns a 404 Not Found Error, most likely if the source is Customer Portal. 

    You may choose to post to the IdeaLab so that when the notification you receive will also contain that link. 

    Another example: We recently deleted a couple of old mailings. Shortly after we started receiving notifications with messages like "[interface]: Invalid format_id = 10342".

    Again, there is no indication in the notifications what could be causing these errors. We assumed a connection and were able to find the mailings by id on one of our test sites.

    It would be appreciated if the notifications would already contain additional information to identify what is meant (e.g. to what item is the id related) and also information to help finding the source causing the errors.



    • Juan Ramirez

      I couldn't agree more: the small info shown at notifications is almost useless to debug or even find what component is failing.
      Please add much more detailed information, at least when is an error notification.


    • Howard Williams


      Also agree strongly - the particular issues mentioned being good examples....