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    SRM Engage - RightNow Integration
    Idea posted May 23, 2016 by Mohana Gopal SelvamPro, tagged Agent Desktop, Social Monitor 
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    SRM Engage - RightNow Integration
    User Story / Description:

    With the new upgrade of RightNow/SRM Integration, there is an ability to add custom attributes to engage messages in SRM. These custom attributes should be usable during contact matching when the incident is created in RightNow. Currently when an engage message is sent to RightNow, It creates a new contact and new incident where the incident is associated with this new contact. Instead of creating a new contact, the integration mechanism should be able to use values captured in custom attributes(Ex. Email address) in SRM, to match with a contact that already exists in RightNow with the same EMail Address. This would enable users in RightNow to avoid contact duplication issues.



    • Pavitra Jayaraman

      Hi Mohana,

      Do you have any update regarding this query of yours.We also have a same requirement for our project.It would be helpful if you can guide me regarding how to figure out this case




    • Mohana Gopal Selvam

      Hi Pavitra,

      No update from Oracle. 



    • Rebecca Johnson

      Hi there, Mohana. A friend of mine uses a solution called Tenfold for integration purposes. It supports integration across systems available in the market including RightNow Oracle.