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    Julia Lustig
    Segregating answers by type of contacts connected to the...
    Topic posted January 12, 2018 by Julia LustigRookie, last edited January 12, 2018 
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    Segregating answers by type of contacts connected to the Customer Portal


    A client is asking to segregate Answers by type of contact that is connected to the Customer portal. For example: There are 3 different types of contacts (contact A, " " B, " " C). Contact B will go on the customer portal and be able to see all the answers available to the public. However, when contact B logs in with his username and password on the customer portal he can see all the answers available to the public + specific answers only he and other type B contacts can see. Those answers cannot be seen by type C contacts, who have their own answers, unseen to anyone other than contact c contacts. Has anyone already had this situation for customers and how have you managed to find solutions? I know there might be a way with access levels and SLA's set on the contact. (I have attached an image to illustrate this for the client)

    Is it possible that one contact has more than 1 SLA? For example if an answer can be used for contact type A and B but not for contact type C, then that would mean that on the answer, there should be 2 Access Levels (A & B) which are linked to the SLA's A & B. This means that I would have to put 2 SLA's on the contact and 2 access levels on the answer. Is this possible?

    Also, since they want to have different interfaces with different languages, is it possible to have products and categories which are the same across interfaces but with their language changes?

    Thank you for the answers in advance!





    • Carl Elliott


      Everything you are asking for is basic functionality for the knowledge base when you set up Privileged access. 

      Check out this answer and the standard documentation and you should get everything you need. 

      You can apply multiple access levels to answers and also multiple access levels to SLAs for a contact so you can build any combination you want.  

      For the language interfaces you can only display an answer that has a language that matches the interface.  Check out using sibilling answers for the same answer in different languages. Access levels apply to those as well.