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    Provide option to not change timezones on activities when...
    Idea posted September 12, 2017 by Jon AndersonRegular, tagged Field Service 
    Provide option to not change timezones on activities when changing timezone on bucket
    User Story / Description:

    As an administrator there are times when I may have to change the time zone on a resource, currently all activities on that resource will have their time zone changed to match the resource's new time zone.  This may occur when loaning techs or when relocating an entire "garage".  This is problematic when there are activities from multiple time zones associated to the resource, such as a national dispatch bucket, a tech center that handles calls from across the country, or a tech that works jobs that are both sides of a time zone boundry (CA and AZ for example) .  OFSC could present an option to state " Timezone on resource has changed, should all activities on this resource be updated to match? Y/N"