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    Print functionality in Agent Desktop/Knowledge Advanced
    Idea posted August 22, 2018 by Steven CheungRookie, tagged Agent Browser UI, Agent Desktop, Knowledge Advanced 
    Print functionality in Agent Desktop/Knowledge Advanced
    User Story / Description:

    “Print” (Clean version in specific) function should be considered as a very useful enhancement to Agent Desktop/Knowledge Advanced on any versions of the articles (or in my use case - policies). The users often need to generate PDF version of the articles and share with the regulators or for internal circulation. We really hope that this enhancement will be included in future releases of the product to improve its usability in the financial services industry. Currently you can't even find a print button to print any published or unpublished articles in Knowledge Advanced/Agent Desktop which is very surprising for a product demanding  such high license fee. In many other content management platforms, this is often a default/standard functionality.