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    Geocoding to full UK postcode, rather than just postcode...
    Idea posted March 29, 2018 by Paul RogersExplorer, tagged Field Service 
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    Geocoding to full UK postcode, rather than just postcode sector
    User Story / Description:

    I've investigated some issues we're seeing with the OFSC geocoding functionality whereby we're finding either geocoding failures or incorrect locations being returned for the address provided.

    We're UK based and are able to provide a correct post code to OFSC, along with address details given to us by the customer.  These details resolve in Google maps reliably.  Because of how UK addresses are structured we cannot guarantee which row of the address will contain the street name and property number, which makes it difficult to ensure that the correct details are passed to OFSC.

    As a result we see either geocoding failures, or instances where geocoding is inaccurate by over 4000m.  As well as impacting routing, this also causes issues with compliance errors in smart location.

    We need to be able to geocode using just the UK postcode to prevent poor data from the customer causing failures, and as UK postcodes only cover a small geographical area this feature would also result in a greater level of accuracy than is currently available.




    • Simon Boundy

      Thanks Paul yes - I've also asked my CSM colleagues to discuss this with their UK OFSC customers - i know there has been some discussion with a least two large users of the platform.