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    Allow the Case Summary section to be resizeable
    Idea posted April 13, 2018 by Timothy MohleJourneyer, tagged Agent Desktop, Incident Management 
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    Allow the Case Summary section to be resizeable
    User Story / Description:

    When a case is open, the Case Summary section of OSvC appears to take up around 30% of real estate of the central 'window' no matter how large that central window is (Collapsed side panels, undocked window etc). Add a 'drag bar', or a button to collapse the Case Summary section completely, so that users can leverage more real estate for the parts of the case which are important in active work



    • Sebastiaan

      I like this idea and got me thinking...
      I think this can be achieved with a workspace rule where you have 2 buttons. Have all your fields in a table and use a workspace rule to hide/show the table with the buttons. I just did a quick test and it does indeed work. I will attach the exported workspace for you to examine :-)