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    (Email)Alert or Notification on any changes in the...
    Idea posted October 11, 2012 by Matthias HintnerExpert, tagged System Admin and Configuration 
    (Email)Alert or Notification on any changes in the Configuration/Rules
    User Story / Description:

    I would like to a have the feature, that any changes in the Configuration settings, Rules, etc.... will send a notification to all admin superusers.

    Recently we had a case when one admin did a small change in the configuration of an interface, not knowing exactly what its function was. This small change affected a huge amount of our customer not being able to see our Customer Portal pages. As this was affecting only external user, this fault was not recognized until some customers told us explicit. That was already 2 days with the issue affected.

    Therefore I would like to see that any changes in the config menu will allert or automatically email all admin users and make them aware of that change.

    I know that there is the log file available for any changes, but this is not able to be automatically exported.

    If an alert or this log file could be send out on any changes happening, at least more people would be aware and could question the change.

    Thanks for supporting this.