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    Display resource Skills
    Idea posted October 10, 2017 by Alex PipesExplorer, tagged Field Service 
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    Display resource Skills
    User Story / Description:

    As a scheduler I need to see skills in a sensible and ordered way so that I can quickly see which resource has which skills.

    • This is a usability question – at the moment the skills are dumped into the resource view in a text string format based on whatever comes through from SAP via integration, with no formatting and lots of information that the scheduler doesn’t need to see.

    • The scheduler wants to see a nicely ordered list of the key skills that a resource has so that its clear at a glance who has a specific skill – this makes it much quicker to identify issues where jobs aren’t scheduling as expected

    Providing this functionality, gives a better user experience and can easily identify which resources have which skills. Image uploaded which shows plain text being grouped together.




    • Zsolt

      Hi Alex,

      As a workaround you will see the restrictions when using "Move" functionality, and you can put skills into the Resource tooltip, but both aren't really solving your issue in an elagant way. So the request is still valid.