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    Preferred browser selection
    Idea posted January 21, 2014 by Lise KirbyRegular, tagged Agent Desktop, Outreach/Marketing Campaigns, System Admin and Configuration 
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    Preferred browser selection
    User Story / Description:

    It would be really great if we could have support for other browsers within rightnow.  currently it is IE6 only and that causes issues when we are trying to show other cloud based systems within RNOW that are NOT IE compatible.  (Case in point is Eloqua)  an alternative solution would be to enable the ability to designate how a URL will pop.  So for example I would love to be able to say IE is the default, but I could 'override' this designation and select chrome or Firefox for a given scenario.  (Ie; when I click on this URL from my workspace as an agent...I'd like it to pop a window that is chrome and populate the URL there)


    It would offer a lot more compatibility in terms of being able to show 'pseudo' integration during a well as providing that much needed support within a production environment.


    As a side note...demo support and I have both tried the chrome add-in within rnow...and it doesn't work.






    • Jens

      Hi Lise,

      This answer might help:

      Also, as an alternative to a browser control you can maybe use an hyperlink control? When you click on the hyperlink your default browser application will be opened in a new window. It can then e.g. be Chrome or if you use IE it will use IE just as if you manually launched it.

      Jens Lundell
      Oracle RightNow Workflow Development Manager

    • Jens

      You cannot change to Firefox or Chrome, but in the May 2016 release you have an option to set the control to use IE11 rendering mode. See this Idea for details.

      Jens Lundell
      Oracle Service Cloud