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    Dheeraj Eshwar Bangera
    Custom Formatting of the Article content
    Topic posted July 4, 2018 by Dheeraj Eshwar BangeraExplorer 
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    Custom Formatting of the Article content

    In Oracle Knowledge Advanced, we would like to implement something similar to the attached screenshot to display a specific article when a User clicks on an Article in the Search results page.

    Two requirements pertaining to this are -
    a. Collapse all attributes/fields in the Article and display content is as in the attached screenshot
    b. Only open up the attribute/field which has content matching the Search string, based on the Anchor tag passed on from the Search results page

    Note: Each Article will have many attributes/fields with content distributed in these fields. Example: An Article of Content Type "Procedure" will have Attributes like Title, Overview, Step Action etc.

    We were able to achieve collapsing of all attributes/fields in the Article but unable to understand how the second part can be achieved.

    How do we use the Anchor tag to tie to a particular attribute/field in the Article? We also noticed that the Anchor tag is not passed on sometimes from the Search results page to the Article display page.




    • JustRhianna

      Sounds like you will need to do several widget extensions. At first I was thinking just CSS however to alter the way search results present and act I think you will need some customization. Have you explored this avenue yet?

      I am not judging but I am always interested in asking WHY. What is the use case that necessitates this? Perhaps you need to rethink how your knowledge is organized and authored?

    • Peeyush Sharma

      looks like you are displaying the Title attribute and while collapsing opening the other attributes like overview and step action. As Rihanna said you need to do widget customization along with lot of CSS work.

      I would recommend you to call REST API's and build your solution. 

    • Anthony Smith

      Requirement "a" can be easily met with jquery or bootstrap "accordion" function. I find it easiest to update site.css and upload the relevant js files and reference them from standard.php. Then use <div class="accordion"> or similar within the answer itself as required.

      I just made a sample external page for you here, ignore the rubbish UI - it's just our test site.

      Requirement "b" will be a customisation of some sort, that one will need some development work.