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    Danette Beal
    How Does The Community Measure Up
    Entry posted December 20, 2017 by Danette BealElite 
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    How Does The Community Measure Up

    Let me admit something really quickly, I am a bit of an analytics junky. Okay, a “bit of a junky” is probably an understatement. I can spend hours inside an analytics tool analyzing data points exhaustively. My obsessions over data begin when I was tasked with creating more visibility into how a Service Cloud customer was performing by analyzing the raw data from several angles. By the end of the exercise, I felt like I had unlocked a secret door into the company itself! Data is a powerful ally and can be a critical strategic tool. I was hooked!

    One of the things I was most excited about when joining the User Advocacy team was, of course, digging into the analytics. I've got to admit, I think it's pretty cool to be on this side of the community poking around at all the historical data. How many actual community members are there? What is the percentage of users posting and answering questions? Is the Oracle Service Cloud Community actually effective in helping customers achieve their goals? With a laundry list of questions similar to these, I have spent at least a hundred hours sifting through the system in search for the answers.           

    Under the Hood

    Since the Oracle Service Cloud Community has been active for a number of years, it is considered a mature community. What we know about mature communities is that many times growth stagnates and levels off over time. This, along with Oracle Service Cloud being a more mature product, does not lend for high expectations of growth. To my surprise, Erica Anderson rejoining as community manager in late 2014 helped spark activity, and since then, it has continued to grow. I can only speak for myself, but seeing the introduction of the Analytics Cookbook, blogs and the All-Star program help reinforce my perception that Oracle was investing in the Oracle Service Cloud product.

    Although it's pretty cool to see the rate of new posts and comments grow year over year, it's still a fact that of the active member base, only 10% of members are joining the conversations by creating and answering posts. 90% of users who come to the community use it as an organic knowledge base and never actually post a question or contribute content. These "lurkers" have also grown their activity as we've seen large growth in logins, post views and other areas consistently for several years. Knowing fresh and relevant content is a value driver to a majority of the community, our team began to focus our efforts to encourage members to join the conversation more activity. Without your questions, the organic community knowledgebase cannot grow.

    Major Focus Area

    Part of the magic behind the community is the dedication of some of our community members. Of the 10% of active community base, 1% answer a majority of the questions posted. Without these elite members, the community would be a ghost town. Therefore, our team focused on connecting and investing in our All-Stars and encouraging members who had the potential to become All-Stars. As a result, our All Stars program is on track to grow close to 100% in 2018.


    Not knowing what I was going to uncover in my deep dive was uncomfortable and exhilarating. The positive results reinforce value of certain initiatives and negative results help us re-evaluate and determine where to shift our focus to better address the goals and needs of the Oracle Service Cloud Community. Although we can gain quite a bit of insight into our community via the activity data, we wanted to gather another critical piece of the data puzzle—how you feel about your current community experience.

    Whether you are a lurker, newbie, occasional contributor, an aspiring All-Star or All-Star, you can help shape the future of the Oracle Service Cloud Community. Just take a minute to fill out this short survey on your community experience.




    • Baxter

      I’m mainly a lurker but I do answer occasionally. My thought is that if posters (myself included) posed their questions a little differently they’d gain more responses. For example I see a lot of comments asking for help on a very specific piece of configuration to meet very specific business requirements. However well written the post is, it is impossible for an outsider to fully understand those things, sometimes even after clarification, so I often feel under qualified to comment.


      If your question is - just for example - “I wrote my own report on turnaround time and it doesn’t work, please help!” perhaps more responses would be forthcoming if the question was phrased as “How do you folks monitor average turnaround time?” or “What’s a good report to use, and any drawbacks I should consider?”

    • Danette Beal

      YES!! That is fantastic feedback and totally agree. Use cases are always good, but most of the time, that's not necessarily what each person is struggling with. Getting down to the actual hang ups and issues are always where the experts can give the most value. Many times, its hard to pinpoint that piece so starting with what you are actually trying to accomplish and the steps you have taken can help guide to a resolution much quicker!


    • Ivan Abaitey

      I am sometimes a lurker. The thing is I do contribute sometimes. The other thing is I take every opportunity I get to share or acquire knowledge. I will like to know what people are doing and how successful they become in their establishments. This drives me to go after perfection. Sharing with people in the same situation as I am is priceless. This community makes it easier for me to focus on my destination.

    • eleep

      Thanks for the feedback, Ivan. Glad the community helps you learn and focus on your destination of success! We're glad to see you leave lurkerdom from time to time and contribute your questions and experiences. There are countless others with the same questions and challenges, so don't be afraid to chime in with yours. It benefits many others who haven't crossed over from lurkerdom o least not yet. wink

    • Ammar Aldaffaie

      Hi, I really find the community very helpful and this is my first stop when I get stuck on something. I also try to help others by answering some question when I can. Thank you for the support!

    • Edson Junior

      I just read your post and it's gratifying to know that there are people passionate about community design and developing it.

      Thanks for that...