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    Need to be able to route tasks to queues for auto...
    Idea posted June 12, 2018 by Rollie CooperRookie, last edited August 15, 2018 by eleepHero, tagged System Admin and Configuration 
    Need to be able to route tasks to queues for auto assignement - just like incidents
    User Story / Description:

    We need to be able to route tasks to queues  and auto assign out to a person based on logged in user  just like incidents.  

    Issue:  We have complex incidents/service requests and with auditing and segregation of duties, many time more than one team has tasks that need to be complete as part of a situation/issue.  Today we have to route the SR incident from team to team to get a task completed.  This causes service issues and disconnects with teams as a ticket can go back and forth multiple times, there are multiple communicating on a support requests..... and if you no longer own a support request it is out of site/out of mind. 

    In addition, due to work load and volume we cannot assign a support request nor a task directly to a person. the proper practice is to assign to a queue and auto route based on who is in the office.

    Any questions let me know,  Thank you,