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    Merlyn Gordon
    [North America] Using RightNow CX for Facebook
    Event posted February 8, 2011 by Merlyn GordonSpecialist, last edited September 8, 2015 by eleepHero 
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    [North America] Using RightNow CX for Facebook
    Date and Time:
    March 16, 2011 12:00pm - 1:00pm

    Consumer-facing organizations that ignore Facebook – or only pay it lip service – do so at their own peril. As the Facebook population grows, and as Facebook users spend more time there, the risk to the organization that stems from a poor Facebook experience is only increasing. But using Facebook successfully depends on much more than design and tools.

    This seminar will discuss the best practices for providing  a great customer experience in Facebook (with a focus on RightNow CX for Facebook), touching on the configurations, resources, and processes that will result in a great experience for customers that’s not only effective and fun, but also consistent with the experience via your other support channels. (You don’t need to use RightNow CX for Facebook to get something out of this seminar).

    Who should attend: Community Managers, Social Media Managers, Customer Care Managers, Marketing Execs


    Matthew Lees, Director Social Practices at RightNow

    On Demand Seminar:

    View the recorded event here:



    • Merlyn Gordon

      If you have a question for Matthew, be sure to post it here in advance of the event. During the event, Matthew will answer your questions, as well as your questions asked live during the Expert Seminar.

      Hope to see you there,


      Merlyn Gordon
      Product Marketing Manager
      Twitter: @merlyngordon

    • Howard Lewitt


      I understand that a FB Community page is required as a platform for the RNT FB widget. Is there any prerequisite for a Community page? Someone told me that unless your org has an entry in Wikipedia, you cannot create a Community page. Any truth to this notion?

    • Jen Page

      Hi Howard,


      I'll jump in and answer this...


      RightNow CX for Facebook connects with your Facebook fan page (not a community page), and you need to be an administrator on that page to set it up.


      Community pages (the ones that draw from Wikipedia) are unrelated to our CX for Facebook application. Those are pages that your organization would not own or administer, and are simply kind of like placeholders Facebook creates when there are enough people talking about you and you don't have a Facebook page.


      Does that make sense? I can walk you through the capabilities if you'd like - feel free to contact me.



      Jen Page

      Product Marketing Manager, Social

    • Jen Page

      Also, Matthew's seminar will probably clarify a lot of these types of questions, so make sure to tune in!

    • Trent

      1. Can you deploy CX4FB on multiple fan pages?

      2. Is it possible to configure the CX4FB in such a way so that only specific products are displayed on a given page? We would like to implement CX4FB on several different fan pages representing different products. Would we be able to configure each iteration independently so that only particular answers are shown pertaining to a certain product?

    • Merlyn Gordon

      Hi Trent, great questions. We'll make sure Matthew speaks to your use case regarding CX for Facebook on multiple fan pages.



    • Ryan Young

       Will this seminar be available to watch after the fact?  I would absolutely love to attend, but will be travelling during its broadcast.

      ~Ryan Young

    • Merlyn Gordon

      Hi Ryan,

      Yes, Expert Seminars are recorded, and a link to the recording, along with presentation materials, will be posted here soon after the event.

      Also, if you haven't had a chance to view last year's Social Expert Seminars, be sure to checkout these recordings:

      Finally, don't forget to mark your calendars for our June Expert Seminar on Developing a Social Media Strategy.

      Hope you'll be able to join us.


    • Merlyn Gordon

      Thanks for attending this Expert Seminar. I've posted a link to the recorded event, as well as a copy of Matthew's presentation. Looking forward to seeing you on future Expert Seminars.

      Also, if you have a moment, please let us know how we we're doing by completing this quick event survey:

    • Howard Lewitt

      Can someone direct me to the reports for Facebook? One slide show from RightNow counts 18 different reports. I have scanned the report catalog for November 2010 release, the RNT web site, and the Internet in general, but come up empty-handed. I need to report on answers viewed and questions asked by various time intervals down to the hour of the day for our pilot deployment of the KB search on our Facebook page.




    • Matthew Lees

      Hi, Howard. I'm looking for confirmation on this, but I don't believe there are currently any CX For Facebook-specific reports built into RightNow Analytics. (I'm curious about the slide you're referring to, that shows the "18 different reports." Could you upload just that one slide to a comment...or email it to me:

      My own RightNow Analytics skills are, shall we say, progressing, but my understanding is that you can source interactions by Facebook (or Twitter or any other supported social channel). Whether or not this is only for incidents or for viewed answers, as well, we're also checking on.

      Sorry for the less-than-complete response. If others can add more detail before I track down further info, they will.

      - Matthew

    • Fred Prussack

      Hey Howard,

      To look at data for incidents created via RightNow CX for Facebook you'll want to (within analytics) create a report that filters incidents that have a channel set to "Facebook", and a source set to "Ask a Question". Getting answers viewed specifically for views via CX for Facebook is a bit trickier. I think it's possible you could retrieve that data from the clickstreams table, but it would need to be for pretty short periods of time & very well filtered (as there's a lot of data in clickstreams). I also believe there's some coming service pack changes in this area, but it'd be worth checking with the customer care department on that one, and also dates/application to your site if it turns out to apply. I'd be happy to follow-up with customer care if you want to message me your incident number.



    • Howard Lewitt


      Thanks for the tips. I created the FB Incidents report and will be testing it. I'll open an incident with customer care to check into ability to count answers viewed from FB and let you know the incident #.

    • Howard Lewitt

      Hi Fred,

      I opened incident #110504-000084 with Cust. Care regarding developing a report on answers viewed via FB. Thanks for following up. This community thing is great!