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    Add CMS-like WYSIWYG Functionality to Questions and Answers
    Idea posted February 17, 2017 by Janusz JasinskiSpecialist, tagged Customer Portal 
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    Add CMS-like WYSIWYG Functionality to Questions and Answers
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    When adding a question/answer, the functionality is very disappointing. We can't upload images, we can't reference them unless we know the URL and if we add them as an attachment, they get listed below the content, which again isn't a pleasant experience.

    Wordpress has this functionality and it's brilliant to work with. I suggest something similar be built into the WYSIWYG editors within CX.

    Additionally, allowing use of the WYSIWYG editor on custom objects would be brilliant as well




    • Kyle

      I suspect this is part of a larger discussion about issues surrounding the knowledge management tools/functionality within Service Cloud. Couldn't agree more about how images are managed and it's been a longstanding complaint for many, many years (try delivering a knowledge management training class to new users and deal with the questions, confusion, and irritation when you get to the images section).

      Unfortunately things got worse when Oracle decided to offer two KM tools and call them Knowledge Advanced vs. Knowledge Foundation. Now you have customers on both sides of the aisle who aren't happy with the KM tool they're using and want what the other side has for functionality. We discussed this at one of our regional user groups and as a whole no one could understand why Oracle just didn't overhaul the massively outdated RightNow knowledge editor (Foundations) and parse out via profile permissions the functionality that would be targeted for the Advanced customers. Does anyone know of another CRM company that makes customers choose between two KM editors?