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    Boris Nazarov
    Reusable fields and filters
    Topic posted August 11, 2017 by Boris NazarovRegular 
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    Reusable fields and filters


    We have several reports, some of them based on similar filters and showing similar fields.

    As those filters and fields change ever time, is there a way to create something like templates or constants and when they are updated, those changes to be reflected in the filters and fields.

    Just to give an example:

    In on of the reports, we calculate incidents for a specific topic. The topic is defined by the subject of the incident. If we add a new subject that is relevant to that topic I need to go and update all reports which will soon become a very messy job.

    Similar case with the fields. 





    • Danette Beal

      Hi Boris,

      This is a great idea! To my knowledge, there isn't this ability although I do think it is something highly desired in the community. I dont remember seeing a specific idea on this, but it would be worth searching the idea lab and creating a new idea for this functionality.


      Danette, Community Manager

    • Carl Elliott

      The only thing close to this functionality is using the same filter names in a dashboard. You can select the filter one time at run time and it will apply to all the reports in the dashboard but unless you are typing in your selection every time I don't think that will get you what you want.