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    Disable signatures on incident workspace when source is Live...
    Idea posted April 17, 2017 by Kristine TannertApprentice, tagged Agent Browser UI, Agent Desktop, Chat, Incident Management 
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    Disable signatures on incident workspace when source is Live Chat
    User Story / Description:

    I would like a way to disable agent signatures when the Source is Live Chat. My use case is as follows:

    Our agents utilize the same incident workspace when dispositioning a completed chat as well as when replying to customer emails. On emails, we like having the Signature feature available. In our environment, the signature is personalized to each agent to promote a more human-feeling interaction (rather than having a generic signature that all agents use, each agent's signature contains their name, title, and contact info)

    However, when dispositioning chats, the same agents have to do a few extra maneuvers to remove their signature. For example, we execute an Addin upon saving and closing the incident. In our environment, time is of the essence when an agent is chatting. They are handling other customer interactions simultaneously and need to disposition the chat as quickly as possible. Slowing down to remove the signature each time gets out of hand especially on our busy days. 

    Our only current workaround is to create a Standard Text for each agent's signature. This gets unscalable - we'd also like the agents themselves to take responsibility for creating their personalized signature. 

    I'd like to have a clean way, maybe as a Workspace Option or a Configuration, to dictate which incident Sources should be mapped to enabled signatures. This way, I could simply configure the console so that only Techmail sourced incidents would utilize the Signature on a user's Staff Account. If I had a feature like this, I could make the signature provisioning process more scalable and I could keep the chat dispositioning process very clean and quick. 




    • Keri

      Hi Kristine,

      If you use Message Templates on your site, you could use a merge field on the Response type thread to merge signature details into the email that is sent. In this way, your agents still don't need to insert anything specifically (ie. standard text), and you don't get it into a chat thread. Issue here is that the merge is for the current assigned account, so you'd probably want to only insert that for the most recent entry (a simple toggle on a menu) - and then to make sure you disable the signature from being auto-checked in the thread control. But bonus that it doesn't clutter up future threads with all of that text either. :)

      Attaching an image of a basic setup for merging into Message Template.

    • Keri

      One more quick screenshot that is the remainder of your steps shown above...

    • Kristine Tannert

      Thank you, Keri! I will give this a try

    • Kristine Tannert

      Keri - I tested this and it would work great if it weren't for the fact that we also have configured the Incident Workspace's Response Options to reassign the incident upon clicking Send on Save to unassign the ticket. With this option in place, there is no signature to insert as the ticket is unassigned at the time of sending.

      It seems that with current functionality, there isn't a good way to keep the process streamlined. Either the agents are going to have to remember to unassign the ticket manually after sending (if we use the message templates approach you suggested), or they are going to have to remember to insert their signature manually (via standard text). If I have to prioritize, I would say it's more important to our business to automatically unassign, given the way our line managers rotate agents onto different channels and different shift schedules. I appreciate your suggestion though! 


    • Sebastiaan

      You might be able to create a workaround for the assign part by making no change in the workspace but by doing this in a business rule. Maybe (not tested) this would enable you to work with the message template.