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    move Technicians activities automatically to bucket when he...
    Idea posted February 9, 2018 by Daniel von SchevenJourneyer, tagged Field Service 
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    move Technicians activities automatically to bucket when he gets a non-working day
    User Story / Description:

    If a Technician gets a non-working day (Illness, Short term holiday, Training, etc.) and has activities already assigned,
    these activities should be moved automatically into the bucket of that day (still as scheduled!)



    • Zsolt

      Hi Daniel,

      Isn't need to get this from a higher level attention? I mean as a technician can I change my shift to illness for example without warn anyone? Maybe the activities which are already assigned to me had customer notification which are already send. No any automatic way can take care about all necessary steps which may need to do before that activity is rescheduled for someone else.
      Or if I'm the manager of the sick guy, then why it's a big deal to assign an illness shift to him and move all his activities back to the bucket?


    • Roy

      Zsolt makes a good point on the notifications piece, but even so, some sort of alert or report should be triggered as a minimum.
      Even if under a manager, any miss is a bigger customer impact if you somehow miss the change and nobody knows about it.

      What if you are using multi-day routing and the technician has resigned and has a few weeks of work assigned?
      Currently that work just sits on the technician, and if they are made inactive, the work gets hidden with them.

      I agree it should go back to the bucket, or at a minimum a bunch of red flags should be sent out on all the impacted work for the technician.

      I've used other systems in the past where any change to the resource would alert the user to potential impacts to existing work.
      Seems like a no brainer, but is missing from OFSC at present.