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    Changing Staff Accounts "Group" Field & Not...
    Idea posted December 13, 2017 by Michele VWhiz, last edited December 13, 2017, tagged Knowledge Foundation, Reporting 
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    Changing Staff Accounts "Group" Field & Not Affecting Answers Assigned To
    User Story / Description:

    Currently:  When the "Group" field of a Staff Account is changed, all of the answers that the staff account is "Assigned To" will have an updated "Date Updated" field. This falsely reports an incorrect Date Updated.

    Idea:  When a Staff Account is updated, do not affect any of the answers that they are assigned to.  Specifically, when the "Group" field is updated, don't update the "Date Updated" for any answers the account is "Assigned To". 



    • CorineMc

      Thank you for entering this, Michele!

      As a company that is required to document control the vast majority of our knowledge base, this creates a HUGE problem for running accurate reports.  It can appear that an answer was reviewed and updated, when in fact, it was not.