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    Dev Aditya
    Incidents created through feedback- want to know which...Answered
    Topic posted February 1, 2018 by Dev AdityaPro 
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    Incidents created through feedback- want to know which incident is created for which rating

    Hi experts,

    I have 5 star rating implemented for answer feedback. Threshold is 3. 

    Can we have any such report that can show the count of incidents for 1 star, 2 star and 3 star individually. Also, in the drill down, those incidents should appear.

    Any help is appreciated,

    Many thanks,


    Best Answer

    Suresh Thirukoti

    Dev - kf_answer_stats table has the ratings like rated_1, rated_2..etc so on....

    So you can create one report #1 with this table and add column a_id which represents answer ID

    Via Report Linking feature, you can create a report #2 and with the column like rtrim(substr(incidents.subject,23,5)) for Answer ID which links to the report #1 and Incident Reference Number

    Attached is the screenshot


    TopLevel.png (102KB)