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    Allow Rules To Trigger From Logged-In Staff Account Custom...
    Idea posted July 26, 2018 by JaayBExplorer, tagged Agent Desktop, Incident Management, System Admin and Configuration 
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    Allow Rules To Trigger From Logged-In Staff Account Custom Fields
    User Story / Description:

    I had this great idea to use staff account custom fields to control access to incidents on my site. It seemed like a much better solution that creating a new profile for every single permutation out there. This can quite literally be in the hundreds! I was thwarted in my attempt to implement this by the workspace rules not being able to pull more than the logged in staff account ID and the profile of said account.

    To me it is absolutely mind blowing that the link to the Staff Accounts table is already there and built in, but the system only allows you to run rules on two fields! Having this functionality could open up a world of new methods to security and staff grouping.



    • Gregg Kosel

      For some reason, I think I may have seen this before, but I couldn't find it when I looked just now.