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    [Under Consideration] Edit & delete incident response and...
    Idea posted December 12, 2010 by compassionAUExpert, last edited October 8, 2014 by JensInnovator, tagged Agent Desktop, Incident Management, System Admin and Configuration 
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    [Under Consideration] Edit & delete incident response and private notes
    User Story / Description:

    Currently you can convert Incident Responses to Private Notes using the "Incident Thread Type Correction" utility (Service Configuration > Database Administration > Incident Thread Type Correction). Unfortunately, this feature is only useful when the incident response hasn't been sent to the customers (i.e. "Send on Save" checkbox unticked) and the response has already been committed to the incident thread. This scenario is actually quite rare.

    I propose the "Incident Thread Type Correction" utility be expanded to include EDIT and DELETE of responses, private notes and customer entries (which means associated audit logs of these records also need to be updated or deleted under the name of RN administrators). This feature should only be available to system admins and/or customer service managers.

    We often receive incidents with sensitive information such as credit card numbers, personal information and system passwords from our customers, even though we always remind them not to send these in writing. Any RN user can log-in and view these by looking up a contact or an organisation (and associated incidents). This is a serious security issue, which many other RN customers can related to.

    I understand that RN wants to maintain consistency of data in the system and reliability of date stamps in the audit log. Providing this feature via admin console in a selective profile (with audit log) will improve flexibility and security of RN incident management system, without jeopardising the consistency of data.   


    • Trevonda Kelly

      Please add edit/delete functionality for Private Notes. Typos is a huge reason why this functionality would be helpful to my organization.

    • Michel Jilderda

      This is now officially a Compliance Issue for GDPR reasons in the EU. Customers have the right to forget their data, and therefore we need a way to delete / edit threads via the API. 

      Without this funcionality, the only way to comply with GDPR regulations is to delete the incidents, which will cause differences in reports. This needs to be implemented ASAP.

    • Sebastiaan

      Hi all.

      Just wanted to inform you guys about another idea in the lab similar to this one
      [In Development] Allowing in thread editing of consumer sensitive information for GDPR

    • David Strong

      I can see a need to remove certain thread IDs. I have a case where a Site Rule was caught in a loop that appended a reply to the thread and has now caused the ticket to be unable to open it now. If there was an option for an Admin to remove these, this would be very helpful.

      Another use case if when the end user's email client does not correctly use the reply method that RightNow see as just the updated part of the email, RightNow then commits their entire email as an update instead of just the limited reply portion and has caused several cases where we have had to forcefully close these tickets without sending a reply to the contact.

    • Nicki Mayers

      I would find this extremely useful mainly from an agent error point of view when they add information into a private note on the wrong case