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    [Under Consideration] Provide ability for staff accounts to...
    Idea posted June 25, 2009 by GregMeyerWhiz, last edited July 29, 2015 by Vimal ChopraApprentice, tagged Agent Desktop, System Admin and Configuration 
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    [Under Consideration] Provide ability for staff accounts to have multiple account profiles in RN
    User Story / Description:

    Many of our console users have multiple roles, and it would be very helpful for them to be able to switch account profiles without asking to be reassigned to another account profile or utilizing multiple console accounts.


    Use case: "Administrator" needs to test as a "Knowledge Base Author"


    What happens today: "Administrator" sets him or herself up as a Knowledge Base Author profile temporarily for the purposes of testing, then switches back to Administrator profile.


    What should happen: If "Administrator" has the rights to logon as a different profile, provide a drop down list of roles/profiles at login time.  Also offer the ability to switch profiles during a session (either to spawn a new console session or to change the context of the current session)


    • MikeP
      I'll second this request!  I too need to see things from the perspective of different users. 
    • Danny

      Me too! This happens all the time. I have Admissions specialists temporarily assigned to Financial Aid, or someone training to cover two areas etc.


      What I want to be able to do: give the user multiple profiles so that they can have access to views, workspaces, navigation sets etc, and the option to change there role dynamically from a menu, either when they log in, or from a menu after they are logged in.

    • KmH

      Great idea. We currently duplicate user accounts to work around this problem but this is often challenging when working with 20+ interfaces and it also adds extra maintenance work to ensure that those extra accounts are not being billed.


      What would also be nice is to schedule those account changes with a start and end dates so that admins don't have to task themselves to de-activate the specific privileges at a specific date/time.

    • JBuss

      I have the same challenge and would offer an additional idea for a solution.


      Instead of each user only having ONE workspace per table, can we have workspaces connected to a job somebody wants to do? We have one user who may be doing any of four different types of things when she's looking at a contact record. For each of those 4 different things, I'd like to design a screen (workspace perhaps) that is streamlined for the particular job she is doing on that contact at that moment.  Now her workspace is cluttered, because I have to build it general-purpose to accommodate any of those four activities.

    • skaleel

      It has been brutal for administrative purposes with only having one profile per agent. Many of our agents are crosstrained in different products, so we have multiple profile types that could be assigned to one agent. What ends up happening is that we are having to create a unique profile for almost every agent. :(

      This is something that would make our lives (the admins) so much easier, plus streamline the system.

    • StevePennypacke

      Yes!  We use separate interfaces and queues for supporting customers in different languages.  We want agents to have access only to queues for which they speak the language.  Many agents are bi- or tri-lingual.  Currently we have to have a unique profile for each combination of languages spoken by an agent (English+French, English+German+Italian, etc)  - meaning almost one profile for every agent - and creating/deleting profiles when agents are hired or leave.  Administration would be simplified if we could have one profile per language, and then assign each agent to as many profiles as they speak languages.


      In our case, we'd like all of an agent's profiles to be active at once, so they can answer tickets from each language (queue) simultaneously.

    • Daan Nieuwendijk

      I'd really like to revive this idea, because this would make our administration soo much easier!

      Because stacking Queue permissions is not possible, we currently have 65 agent profiles, whereas with stacking we could probably do with half. The reason being the same as what skaleel mentioned: many agents have unique or almost unique sets of different roles, because of which we've had to created many profiles, one profile per set of roles, often culminating in creating profiles to be used by one person only, and only sometimes.

    • Amudha Kannan

      When can we get this functionality.. is it in RightNow product enhancement Roadmap??

    • Davide Antonietti

      I subscribe to this Idea.

      It's about Job Roles or Responsibilities. Very useful!

      Roadmap appreciated.

      thank you,


    • January Fredericks

      THUMBS UP!!! yes

    • António Lemos

      I subscribe to this idea. This would be a great feature to be added and very useful in complex organizations.


    • Traci Whitley

      We could use this feature with our Chat agents who also double as team leads. A simple scenario would be a chat agent is scheduled 7 hours of their shift to work as a regular agent and scheduled 1 hour as a team lead - assist agents with questions and only field escalated chats - they would not field regular chats through this profile. It would be nice to allow the agent to toggle between the two profiles. As for monitoring the behavior of toggling back and forth, we could have a report that shows date/time stamp + duration for each profile. It would be wasteful for us to have to create two different accounts for 1 person, so that they could log out and log into the other account when its time, or to have an admin or someone with admin rights to have to go in and change the agents profile.

    • Vimal Chopra

      Thank you GregMeyer for the idea and everyone else for your votes/feedback. Ability to decouple Roles/Permissions from Profiles so a Profile can have multiple roles at a given time is part of our Roadmap. I don't have a timeline yet but please continue to vote on this idea and provide additional feedback so we can incorporate it when we deliver this feature.



    • Sara Knetzger

      I completely agree, this would be an excellent feature - I have many users who have multiple logins for the simple reason that they need access to different features for different parts of their roles.  We already have too many profiles as it is so I don't want to create new profiles that are hybrids of existing profiles so we end up giving users multiple accounts which is confusing for them and for our DTS team.  

      Thanks for considering this great enhancement!!

    • Wouter Willemse

      This would certainly help, surely for admins to simplify testing of workflows/navigation sets etc. but also a more flexible agent configuration where we could assign a second profile as 'overflow' for more experienced agents, without having to make all different profiles, double user accounts and so on.

      Make profiles configurable per account, and selectable for the user via a drop-down or a setting. Would be really nice.