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    [Under Consideration] Provide ability for staff accounts to...
    Idea posted June 25, 2009 by GregMeyerWhiz, last edited July 29, 2015 by Vimal ChopraApprentice, tagged Agent Desktop, System Admin and Configuration 
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    [Under Consideration] Provide ability for staff accounts to have multiple account profiles in RN
    User Story / Description:

    Many of our console users have multiple roles, and it would be very helpful for them to be able to switch account profiles without asking to be reassigned to another account profile or utilizing multiple console accounts.


    Use case: "Administrator" needs to test as a "Knowledge Base Author"


    What happens today: "Administrator" sets him or herself up as a Knowledge Base Author profile temporarily for the purposes of testing, then switches back to Administrator profile.


    What should happen: If "Administrator" has the rights to logon as a different profile, provide a drop down list of roles/profiles at login time.  Also offer the ability to switch profiles during a session (either to spawn a new console session or to change the context of the current session)


    • theguy

      It could also be a good idea if we could introduce a concept of 'single' and 'composite' profiles. We could for instance build single profile for a particular user role (e.g. call centre agent) and another single profile for knowledge management admin then use 'composite' profile to collectively group multiple single profiles together and only assign this composite profile to the user which ultimately allowing them to do multiple tasks. This will also simplify the ongoing maintenance and update of user profile management.

    • MiaB

      Yes please -  this will assist in cutting back the number of workspaces we have to maintain as many of our staff job share and we've had to create new profiles for each individual requirement.