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    [In Development] Custom Fields that can handle Currency...
    Idea posted February 22, 2010 by bkoneWhiz, last edited April 26, 2016 by eleepHero, tagged Other, System Admin and Configuration 
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    [In Development] Custom Fields that can handle Currency (or at least a currency mask on text fields)
    User Story / Description:

    Due to our business model we have a need to forecast estimated and/or deferred revenue using custom fields on an Opportunity.  Presently we are unable to create a field that be formatted as currency.

    Solution Idea 1:  Text field where the input populates from right-to-left rather than the current lef-to-right.  This would allow us to use a custom text field with a mask that we could then convert to currency in reports.


    Solution Idea 2: Currency field that hits the currency table without having to convert it to currencies in reports.  This would prevent us from needing a custom field for each currency.


    Are there any plans for resolving this issue in the near future??


    • Susie

      Thanks Brian for the post!  I agree that a currency custom field would be very useful.  We can't comment to any feature that is over 2 releases away (meaning that it is not in May 10 or Aug 10) BUT it is something that is on the roadmap.

      The more people requesting this feature, the better - so if anyone else like this idea- be sure to give it a thumbs up and/or comment on your use case.


    • Blake Hines

      Yes, I have customers that integrate custom contact fields from external systems that are currency values in the external systems.  For example, Lifetime Value of the contact.  

    • compassionAU

      I believe "Currency" field type is needed as data type in all Custom fields. It is one of the most basic data type one would expect in any package solutions. I am surprised that this is not available in RN and we are required to manipulate data formatting in workspaces to achieve similar output (with a few issues attached).

      All businesses have some form of financial transactions in their core processes, even for a nonprofit organisation like Compassion (e.g. processing of sponsorship donations). Therefore, I propose RNT to add this feature as a matter of urgency in the upcoming release. I don't think we simply wait for more people to vote for the idea before it can happen. This type of feature shouldn't be submitted as an idea in the first place as it is a necessity in any business solutions software. Please inform customers when this feature would be available.

    • Stephen Pickett

      Also see:

      If you combine the total number of votes for this topic across the 3 posts (which are all essentially asking for the same thing) then you have 20 votes, which seems to be quite a lot. Please can we have an update on when this functionality will be available? This is becoming extremely urgent for us now as it's starting to become a barrier for new sales.

    • Mike Morris

       Add one more vote for a "currency" custom field type to the list.  The limitations of using a masked text field as a workaround for this are now particularly evident to us.  We have a masked format of $***.XX for a field and now need to expand it to values over $1000.  There doesn't seem to be a way to do this with rendering the historical data to be in an incorrect format ($345.67 becomes $3456.7X).

    • Stephen Pickett

      Hello, I'd just like to keep this topic alive and see whether RightNow have considered implementing this soon? I cannot stress how important this is for our customers - it's a little embarassing to say the least when we inform them that they have to use a (formatted) text field!

    • Susie

       It's still on the roadmap!!  We are working on it but definitely keep this alive and get more people to vote on it!! 


    • Alan Cheng

      How many more votes would be needed before it gets a higher priority in the road map? I can see this idea was raised over a year ago, and it is a pretty important feature which would make the system so much more effective. All the current workarounds are so cumbersome and prone to human errors (and causes major headaches when it comes to generating reports) that I am sure it puts off alot of potential customers.

    • patricknash

      This would make a massice difference to the work that Connect Assist do and would open up new markets for the RightNow solution.  I would be grateful if you could let me know when this functionality is likely to be added.  Thanks a lot.

    • Alan Cheng

      Can I also ask the Rightnow Experts what field type the "Opportunities Manager Forecast" field (Opportunity.MgrValue) is, because it behaves in the way that we would expect for a currency field. And given this field type is already in the system (or is one of the other field types editted to mimic what a currency field would look and feel like), why we can not use it for anything else other than these pre-defined fields?

    • bgirard

      This is a very desirable function that should be added to custom fields as well as custom objects.  Not having this feature is a hinderance to developing business solutions.  Please add this feature as soon as possible.


    • Bill Likusuasua

       This is a genuine and critical ask, not for the system but business continuity requirements. Since it is already on the road map, I believe  we as users will ask a change to the priority so that this change request is adopted and implemented sooner and not two releases down the road.

    • Stephen Pickett


      I just want to bump this as it's very important to the third sector, of which we are the sole reseller in the UK, and the lack of a currency field is the single most important blocker to competing with the likes of Raiser's Edge. 

    • Mark Adamcik

      Since this relates to another article, I'm adding comments to both.

      Has anything happened with this topic and / question?  I would think having custom fields for numeric data would be a very basic item or feature.  After all, we are using computers and what do they use most of the time?  Numbers!

      I'd like to put in a vote for, and in addtion to the items already mentioned in the post, having custom fields that can handle percentages and numeric data with at least 5 decimal places.  Seems a bit strange that users would have to ask for such basic capabilities.  And, having to ask for a field to handle currency seems really odd given the current global market and scope most businesses are in.  As software, applications, and Operating Systems have evolved this really should e considered as basic functionality.

      As the saying goes, "We do not live by integers alone".

    • RobertJ

      We are seeing the same need and surprised such a basic function has been over looked. 

      Now that this gap has been identified, when will it become available??