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    [In Development] Custom Fields that can handle Currency...
    Idea posted February 22, 2010 by bkoneWhiz, last edited April 26, 2016 by eleepHero, tagged Other, System Admin and Configuration 
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    [In Development] Custom Fields that can handle Currency (or at least a currency mask on text fields)
    User Story / Description:

    Due to our business model we have a need to forecast estimated and/or deferred revenue using custom fields on an Opportunity.  Presently we are unable to create a field that be formatted as currency.

    Solution Idea 1:  Text field where the input populates from right-to-left rather than the current lef-to-right.  This would allow us to use a custom text field with a mask that we could then convert to currency in reports.


    Solution Idea 2: Currency field that hits the currency table without having to convert it to currencies in reports.  This would prevent us from needing a custom field for each currency.


    Are there any plans for resolving this issue in the near future??


    • Stephen Pickett

      I concur, an update would be appreciated - this remains the most requested feature from our customers.

    • Vimal Chopra

      Thanks for checking in and your continued support of this idea. I confirm that this functionality is in development and definitely part of our roadmap. Unfortunately, we’ve had a couple delays (e.g. dependencies with other teams, having to make some tough calls to prioritize Agent Browser UI), so it’s taking longer than originally anticipated to deliver this functionality.

      Stay tuned for future idea updates.

    • Stephen Pickett

      Hi Vimal,

      That's great, thanks for the update. Hopefully it won't take too much longer, we have been requesting for an awfully long time!

    • Luis Melo

      Hi all,

      Is there any view on when (which release) this will be delivered? - I know it might be a difficult question :)

      Thank you in advance

    • eleep

      Hi Luis,

      Thanks for your comment here. I can completely understand why you are eager to have a timeframe to start planning projects that would benefit from this functionality. However, we can't share this detail here since it is standard Oracle policy to not publicly disclose specific release dates. We will be very excited to share the news and will update this idea when this functionality is available though, so stay tuned! smiley


      Erica, Community Manager

    • JJ

      Can't wait :-)

    • Brandon Williams


      Can we have an update or status on this?  


    • Scott Heidenreich

      Still waiting on that currency field or just a decimal number field that interacts with the currency table if needed.  The integer approach only works for whole dollars and doesn't automatically assume the integer has two "cents, so then have to multiply and divide back and forth - pain in the ars.

      Also, when agents go to enter currency amounts with cents in a workspace for a custom field - integer won't work at all so forced to use a text field and convert back and forth in analytics. A pain in the ars.

      If Oracle isn't going to do this - at least explain why please.


    • santhosh xavier

      Is there any update to this? 



    • JJ

      The best we can hope for is a text field and limit what gets entered... yeah....