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    Emily S.
    Notification for Duplicate Cases
    Topic posted March 20, 2017 by Emily S.Explorer 
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    Notification for Duplicate Cases

    Hello All-

    Is there a way to create some sort of notification for duplicate cases sent in on a given day or week?  For example, one of our CS groups require a specific code when they submit cases.  So, whenever this specific code shows up with in the same week (meaning multiple cases were entered for this code), a notification would appear telling the agent.  The notification can be something as simple as red text, or a flag, it doesn't have to be anything major.  Ideally, I'd like something that looks back 1-2 weeks and displays the SupportLink Reference number of those cases, if possible.

    This would save our agents time because it would cut down on the amount of duplicate cases.  Often times, we see different people at our customer submit the same case, and right now we do not monitor that.

    Looking for some feedback on what would make sense here.


    Thank you,




    • Sebastiaan

      Hi Emily.

      A report that shows the 'duplicates' would not really cut down on them. To cut down on duplicates you could experiment with the maximum incidents allowed (EGW_MAX_PER_ADDRESS) per duriation (EGW_MAX_MSG_DURATION). For example 1 per hour.

      Specifies the maximum number of emails that will be accepted from an individual email address within a EGW_MAX_MSG_DURATION hour period. This is used to identify and stop auto-responder email loops. For example, if this setting is set to 23 and 24 emails are received from the same address within EGW_MAX_MSG_DURATION hours, the 24th email from that address will be discarded and no response email will be sent, thereby breaking the email loop. Setting the value to zero will disable this loop detection. Default is 23.

      It is possible to create a report that show all incidents from a contact created within a specified duriation, say last 30 minutes and have this report have 1 single column in Record format that shows a message based on the count. For example if(count(incidents.ref_no)>1,'Multiple incidents')

      This report (because its a Record type) could be very small and placed in a report control in your workspace informing agents about multiple incidents for this contact when opening the incident.

      I attached a basic example (just togive you an idea) that shows incidents for a specific contact for incidents created within the last 30 minutes. You could change the time filter to a more advanced expression where you compare the incidents created time and ad an aditional time in your expression.

    • Emily S.

      Thank you for your response Sabastiaan!

      As I understand what you are saying, and forgive me as I am still learning much about Oracle and how to make it better, but we can use the report that you attached and put that directly in a workspace. 

      We have a field that is identified by the customer when they issue a case. This field is the product identifier for what they are requesting information for. For example, it would be similar to a car's VIN. I'd like to be able to make the report based on this VIN, which I see that I could do by adjusting the filters!

      If a report is on a workspace as a Report Control - does that make it so the report auto-runs every time the workspace is opened? What would be really nice, is to have a field that lists all of the reference numbers for a specific VIN when the agent enters that field, or opens a case with that field already filled out.  OR, if they have to press the button to run the report, that is fine, too.

      Right now we aren't so focused on cutting down the number of duplicate cases, so if we could just let our agents know that there are currently other open cases for a specific VIN, that might be enough information for them to work.


    • Sebastiaan

      Hi Emily.

      No problem. We are all here to help each other.

      Yes, the report automatically runs on the workspace when an agent opens an incident.
      It is quite common to have a report in a seperate tab on your incident workspace that shows you all the incidents from that specific contact. That report also runs automatic (when clicking on the tab) This report has id 9029 (Incidents by contact) which could also be of interest

    • Luis Melo

      Hi Emily,

      Can you clarify what you mean by "specific code"? and is there a defined field where you enter that code?

    • Emily S.

      Yes, the specific code I'm talking about is actually just a workspace field.  - Poor choice of words there!

      For example, on our workspace, we have a field for VIN - this VIN number is either entered by  customer or agent, but it resides in a field on the workspace.  I'd like the report to be built based off of this code, so anytime the VIN is there, the report will generate.

    • Luis Melo

      Hi Emily

      So if I understand correctly, you have a custom field on the Incident, called "VIN" and this field will have a code, entered by Agent or Customer. If an incident has the same "VIN" code, within the same week, that incident should be considered a "duplicate". And you want to be able to flag the incident was a duplicate.

      A few questions arise:

      • Do you want this to be flagged before they commit/submit the incident, meaning you will prevent a duplicate from being created? or are you ok for the duplicate to be created and just want to know it is a duplicate?
      • If you want this to be flagged before they commit/submit the incident, would you like it to be flagged to agents on the desktop and customers on the portal?

      I would assume that, for data quality and best practice reasons, you would want to prevent people from creating duplicates. And therefore you could create a .NET add-in that is triggered "on Save", and if the "VIN" code is not null. Then runs a query to try and find incidents with the same "VIN" within the last 7 days, and prevents the save (also throwing an error/alert message) if it is found.

      On the portal side, the mechanism would be the same but instead of having an add-in you would just have to add some code/script to the Ask a Question page/widget

    • Bastiaan van der Kooij

      If you just want a report to be generated when an existing incident with a VIN code is opened and show you the existing incident from this week with the same VIN you could set it up like this;

        > Contacts
          > Incidents2

      Incident.i_id = (leave blank for Workspace to populate Incidnent ID)
      Incidents2.created > one week back
      Incidents2.c$vin_code = Incidents.c$vin_code (uncheck Make this filter selectable at runtime & select Expression for Value type)

      Any fields from the incident2 table to show the other incidents with the same vin code

      You can create a workspace rule to show this tab when the VIN code is present. For the agent side of things you could train them to search for the VIN first in a quick search before they create a new incident.

      You might wanna play around with the date filter for the Incidents2 table, since now it shows everything 1 week back, you might make it relative to the main Incident created date, but you can tweak that. You can also use the same report as a standalone report to show incidents who have duplicates. You want to change the filters a bit to get the incidents you want to show, but the principle is the same.


    • Emily S.

      Thank you, Bastiaan, I will play around with that report this weekend to see if it will work for what we are looking for.

      This may work - all I want to do, is identify which other cases are in the system with the same VIN.  I don't want to prevent our customers for submitting the duplicates, because they could be open in other area of our business.  Right now, it's just to identify them.  The agent will then be able to view the other cases and identify if they are similar or not.