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    Clemens-Christoffer Meyreiss
    Product and Category on Chat launch
    Topic posted July 17, 2017 by Clemens-Christoffer MeyreissWhiz 
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    Product and Category on Chat launch

    Hi wizards,

    when people launch a chat, the product and category fields are sometimes set by the URL parameters p and c. As in the sequence below, the values are somehow determined by the answer previously viewed.

    1. User logs into CP and clicks on any answer which is linked to multiple products and categories via the “popular published answers” report (i.e. without searching)
    2. User is navigated to answers/detail page
    3. User clicks on “Live Chat” within “Contact Us” widget
    4. User is navigated to chat_launch page where both product and category are defaulted even though:
      1. The user never entered a product or category
      2. The answer is related to multiple products and categories so how could the system possibly know which combination is correct

    Is there a way to disable this transfer of p and c into the widgets on the chat launch page? With this in mind can anyone confirm if the application can be changed so that product/category is not defaulted when the answer is linked to multiple values? It is wanted to have the default selection of "nothing". #

    Thank you!





    • Just Rhianna

      Check the settings on your chat widgets particularly the chat launch button widgets.


      You can see what other settings are available in ci/admin under the chat widgets. See below from the chat launch button widget documentation otice the example has parameters for p, c listed


      add_params_to_url (inherited)

      • Name: Add parameters to URL
      • Type: STRING
      • Description: Comma-separated list of URL parameters that are appended to the URL specified for on_success_url. Example: kw,p,c
      • Default:
    • Clemens-Christoffer Meyreiss

      Thank you! Does it mean that the any values set by a user on the chat_launch page would be overridden when pressing the chat_launch button?

      What is need is however, that whatever prod/cat the user has visited before, when he/she goes to the chat_launch page the prod/cat widgets should default to "Please select...." i.e. no value. With the above answer, I believe, the prod/cat value can be overridden without the customer knowing when they push the chat_launch button?

      Best regards,