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    Hanna Page
    SCCL launch form showing in Modal form or iFrame (no...
    Topic posted May 19, 2017 by Hanna PageRegular 
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    SCCL launch form showing in Modal form or iFrame (no URL)

    Hi there-

    I am wanting to utilize the syndicated conditional chat link, but would like the chat launch form to appear in a modal window or iFrame.  

    Essentially, I want it to popup in a way that it hides the URL bar so that people are unable to get back to our .custhelp page, and just show the chat launch form.  Any possible way to make this happen, or are there any better ways to do this? 

    I've added the SCCL code below. 

    Code Block:



    • Barrilito

      Hi Hanna,

      No this is not possible. The syndicate widgets are widgets to be placed on an external site which can only be controlled by some parameters because the code does not run on the external site. Therefor it can only run in an external window.

      For your info, your question has been discussed here many times, especially the part about the url being exposed to the viewer. In many of the discussions it ends up with the same outcome: we all agree it does not look nice to have one url from a site and then another for the chat page, but is it a problem? Under the hood in an iframe for example you can also see the url, and calling a modal screen does not hide it either, under the hood everything can be seen, but agree it would look more fancy if the url was not visible.

      So, unfortunately it is not possible. Perhaps check the idea lab if you can drop the idea there (if it is not already there), so that perhaps this can be done differently in a feature release.