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    OFSC ability to have multiple shifts on the same day
    Idea posted April 5, 2017 by Brian McGinnisRegular, last edited August 18, 2017 by Mike WierzbowskiSpecialist, tagged Field Service 
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    OFSC ability to have multiple shifts on the same day
    User Story / Description:

    We would like a resource to be able to have multiple shifts on the same day without using an on-call shift.  

    A technician in this scenario could have planned work in a 0400 - 0600 window, as well as routed work in a 1000 - 1830 window.  

    Currently, we cannot create these two shifts without using an on-call schedule or having one long schedule (0400 - 1830).  This doesn't meet our needs because our timesheets are integrated with OFSC.  

    We would like a tech to be able to work a route and deactivate it even with another route holding work on the same day.  



    • Joseph Vaghy

      I agree with this change.  Often times technicians may need to be off for a few hours during the day and not having this ability prevents optimal routing from occurring. 


    • Zsolt

      Hi Brian and Joseph,

      IMO as a workaround: give a long shift to the technician, and give a 4 hours long internal activity starting from 06:00-06:05 and modify your report to divide this interval from the shift time. You can create a special internal activity just for this.


    • Mike Roys

      We would benefit from this as well. We have a 24 hour support environment; technicians have a regular shift which is 8-5 but may have an on call shift for after hours.  Managing these rotating on call shifts by adding a second on call shift to a resource when it was their day to be on call, would be beneficial to us. 

    • Brian McGinnis


      While your suggested workaround works for basic operation of the business, the technician is not able to deactivate the shift to trigger an end time for his timesheet.  He cannot deactivate due to the fact that the route still has activities that require completion. 

      So, if a technician is called out at 3:30 am and works until 5 am, he cannot deactivate to go home for a few hours before coming in for his 10:00am shift.  In OFSC, it appears that he's been working from 3:30am - 7:00pm.  We need to capture activate / deactivate times for the purpose of the timesheet, but additionally, we use the shift to determine what type of pay the tech gets (different for on-call and regular).  So we need the ability for techs to have any combination of regular, or on-call shifts, multiple per day. 



    • Zsolt

      Hi Brian,

      Yes, this is true, but unfortunately I can't propose a better workaround.