• Kyle
    [Delivered] HTML formatting within agent responses100101
    Idea posted June 23, 2009 by KyleLegend, tagged Agent Desktop, System Admin and Configuration in Discussion Forum > Idea Lab public
    [Delivered] HTML formatting within agent responses
    User Story / Description:

    Does anyone see the benefit for giving the agent the ability to send a reply back to the contact with HTML formatting instead of plain text? Personally I'd like to use bold, italics, bulleted/numbered lists, and other types of formatting commonly found in an email client. I would even go one step further and allow for inline images to be dropped in, much like the functionality here within the Lithium forum.

  • Kyle
    [Under Consideration] Dynamic form functionality for Ask a...8590
    Idea posted June 23, 2009 by KyleLegend, tagged Customer Portal, System Admin and Configuration in Discussion Forum > Idea Lab public
    [Under Consideration] Dynamic form functionality for Ask a Question page
    User Story / Description:

    This idea has been around for awhile and I'm guessing we'll get closer to it now that CP is emerging. When discussing it with RightNow we refer to it as "dynamic forms". Think of it this way... you're at the Ask a Question page and the first field at the top is the product (or category). Based on the product that's selected the entire form can change. You can literally custom capture unique incident information based on that product. For instance, let's say you're an IT help desk and your topics (products) include Hardware, Software, Networking Issues, Email, etc. If the end-user selects Hardware then the form changes and includes fields about the type of peripheral device, serial number, warranty info, etc. If it's a software issue then the form contains fields about the software title, version, license number, etc. Networking Issues may include questions/fields about connection speed, type, firewall enabled, etc. There are endless uses for this type of functionality especially when you factor in what you could do with the analytics behind it.

    Again, I'm hoping we're closer to seeing this feature within CP but that would be under the caveat that it's generally available and can be configured via a menu system rather than having to dive in and massage the code.

  • Jacqueline Kelleher
    [Under Consideration] Provide Report of all incident rules...74142
    Idea posted June 10, 2010 by Jacqueline KelleherWhiz, tagged Reporting, System Admin and Configuration in Discussion Forum > Idea Lab public
    [Under Consideration] Provide Report of all incident rules and their conditions/contents
    User Story / Description:

    Can you please provide a report which gives a list of all the incident rules and their contents?  It would be great to get this as a Standard Report as I think all system administrators would find this useful.

    As a systems administrator I am trying to review all our incident rules and clean them up but there are over 200 just for one region!  It has been very manual to map out the incident rules before the clean up.

    As we have such a large number of Countries and Languages in Europe we have a lot of incident rules.  I need to review the rules to make sure they are still set up correctly after changes to our call centre structure and that they are in the right order.

    As some rules have many "If" and "Then" conditions in them it's hard to find what I need when I need to change just one little thing as there are just so many rules.  For example, if all incidents from France are now going to be handled by a different team, I need to be able to see all the rules that have France in the "If" or "Then" statements.  I am limited in the information I can put in a rule name to help me find what I need.

    This report would be a life saver and would save administrators a lot of time when they have to review their rules or make changes to rules or to get an overview of the rules for a management team.

    I hope that my idea will be considered :-)

    Thanks, Jacqueline Kelleher

  • compassionAU
    [Under Consideration] Edit & delete incident response and...6576
    Idea posted December 12, 2010 by compassionAUExpert, tagged Agent Desktop, Incident Management, System Admin and Configuration in Discussion Forum > Idea Lab public
    [Under Consideration] Edit & delete incident response and private notes
    User Story / Description:

    Currently you can convert Incident Responses to Private Notes using the "Incident Thread Type Correction" utility (Service Configuration > Database Administration > Incident Thread Type Correction). Unfortunately, this feature is only useful when the incident response hasn't been sent to the customers (i.e. "Send on Save" checkbox unticked) and the response has already been committed to the incident thread. This scenario is actually quite rare.

    I propose the "Incident Thread Type Correction" utility be expanded to include EDIT and DELETE of responses, private notes and customer entries (which means associated audit logs of these records also need to be updated or deleted under the name of RN administrators). This feature should only be available to system admins and/or customer service managers.

    We often receive incidents with sensitive information such as credit card numbers, personal information and system passwords from our customers, even though we always remind them not to send these in writing. Any RN user can log-in and view these by looking up a contact or an organisation (and associated incidents). This is a serious security issue, which many other RN customers can related to.

    I understand that RN wants to maintain consistency of data in the system and reliability of date stamps in the audit log. Providing this feature via admin console in a selective profile (with audit log) will improve flexibility and security of RN incident management system, without jeopardising the consistency of data.   

  • Chris Martin
    [Under Consideration] Allow Pick Lists & Hierarchy...63114
    Idea posted June 24, 2009 by Chris MartinMaster, tagged System Admin and Configuration in Discussion Forum > Idea Lab public
    [Under Consideration] Allow Pick Lists & Hierarchy Structures to be custom field types
    User Story / Description:

    Concept:  Allow Pick Lists and Hierarchy Structures to be custom field types.


    The reasoning behind Pick Lists (which are menu's that allow you to select multiple items) is that often choices are not Mutually Exclusive.  For example, we use custom fields to control which interfaces out KB content should be available too; instead of having 5 yes/no custom fields for each interface, it would be great to have 1 custom field that we could simply check off the interfaces the content should be available too.


    The reasoning behind the Hierarchy Structures (similar to products/categories) is to provide more granular detail on selections.  For example, if we want to use dispositions as a general concept of what general activity was used to resolve the issue, our product team still wants to know the specific issue that caused the problem; so having a very granular hierarchy selection to further define what bug/issue the incident was related to would be very helpful.  A second example - our tickets are escalated often to different departments, but the initial Customer Service person is still 'responsible' for the ticket.  We have an 'Owner' field, but it is a single manually controlled drop down menu that gets very long, as it contains all of the names of people who could be 'Ticket Owners'.  Being able to replicate the 'Assigned' drop down menu with a 'Group/Staff Account' like structure would make for much better usage.



  • DmitryLZ
    [Delivered] Has the attachment been sent with the incident??6073
    Idea posted August 6, 2009 by DmitryLZSpecialist, tagged Agent Desktop, System Admin and Configuration in Discussion Forum > Idea Lab public
    [Delivered] Has the attachment been sent with the incident??
    User Story / Description:

    Current state:

    I can see if a file has been attached to an incident.  It does not mean that it was emailed to the customer.

    We can send the attachment to the customer 2 ways:

    1. Attach a file to the incident, then "check" it under attachment button

    2. Just attach a file to the email without attaching it to the incident.

    We train our CSRs to use #1 above, however, there is nothing in the Audit Log to indicate that a response that was sent contains an attachment.

    Desired change:

    We (RN users) should be able to see if the attachment was indeed sent to the recipient of the email, or if the agent that sent it simply forgot to "check" the box.

    Also, we should be able to report on

    • How many incidents have attachments.(incoming/outgoing)
    • How many attachments were sent to customers


    Analytics: Our sales teams frequently sends customers a "Guide" that helps the customer choose which product they need.  If we could report on how many times a Guide A was sent vs Guide B, it would be extremely helpful.

    How many of our incoming incidents have an attachment? - this would be an excellent data point.

    Customer Support: Agent can see right away that an incident was sent to the customer without an attachment and resend it.

    If we can report on attachments, we could also add it to the "view" so that looking at the list of incidents, i could see which ones have an attachments (just like i see them in Outlook)

    Training:  if we see a trend - one agent keeps forgetting to "check" the box - it's a training opportunity for that agent.


  • bkone
    [In Development] Custom Fields that can handle Currency...5584
    Idea posted February 22, 2010 by bkoneWhiz, tagged Other, System Admin and Configuration in Discussion Forum > Idea Lab public
    [In Development] Custom Fields that can handle Currency (or at least a currency mask on text fields)
    User Story / Description:

    Due to our business model we have a need to forecast estimated and/or deferred revenue using custom fields on an Opportunity.  Presently we are unable to create a field that be formatted as currency.

    Solution Idea 1:  Text field where the input populates from right-to-left rather than the current lef-to-right.  This would allow us to use a custom text field with a mask that we could then convert to currency in reports.


    Solution Idea 2: Currency field that hits the currency table without having to convert it to currencies in reports.  This would prevent us from needing a custom field for each currency.


    Are there any plans for resolving this issue in the near future??

  • Kyle
    [In Development] RightNow agent functionality via mobile...4832
    Idea posted November 10, 2010 by KyleLegend, tagged Agent Desktop, System Admin and Configuration in Discussion Forum > Idea Lab public
    [In Development] RightNow agent functionality via mobile devices
    User Story / Description:

    Please let me know if this Idea already exists (b/c I thought it did but couldn't find it via a search). I know the recent buzz has been about RightNow mobile for the customer but where are we at with this for the agent? I continue to receive frequent requests from our agents across our 40+ implementations about when will they be able to manage an incident from their smart phone. This is especially important because many of our agents aren't anchored to a specific location and as a result rely on their iPhone, droid, etc to facilitate their communications.

    Earlier today I participated in the RightNow Higher Education User Group Meeting and this feature was one of the top requests from the participants. I can't imagine that this functionaility is only pertinent to agents at colleges and universities so I'm hoping this will become a reality soon. Can someone at RightNow specify where this is at at on the product roadmap. I mean, it is on the roadmap, right?

    There are hundreds of thousands of apps available for smart phones. If I can have one that measures how high, how fast and how often I can throw my iPhone in the air then I'm sure it's not unrealistic to be able to manage a support incident from one.

  • DmitryLZ
    [Delivered] Let administrator log agent out4263
    Idea posted July 31, 2009 by DmitryLZSpecialist, tagged System Admin and Configuration in Discussion Forum > Idea Lab public
    [Delivered] Let administrator log agent out
    User Story / Description:

    An administrator (or even the agent's manager) should be able to log the agent out.


    Currently, if you have 2 PCs - A & B, and if you're already logged in on PC A and if you try to login to RN from PC B, it will log you out from PC A.   Perhaps RN can use the same method to allow Managers/Admins to Log a person out.




  • Ronald Hileman
    [In Development] Audit log does not provide enough Details4180
    Idea posted June 7, 2013 by Ronald HilemanWhiz, tagged Agent Desktop, Reporting, System Admin and Configuration in Discussion Forum > Idea Lab public
    [In Development] Audit log does not provide enough Details
    User Story / Description:

    We would like to be able to see what field(s) were edited and possibly the before and after values of these fields when an incident is edited.  Currently, we only have the message, "Edit"   and "Edited from : Incident Editor".

    The transactions table only has queue and status information in the attributes.


    We would like to know what field(s) were actually edited/modified.