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  • Laurie Buxton
    Don't Let Your Configuration Un-Do Your Compliance100%
    Entry posted May 24, 2017 by Laurie BuxtonRegular, tagged Best Practices, Product / Product Release 


    How many of you cringe or panic at the sight of regulation acronyms? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with what compliance entails, the confusing lingo and the changing landscape. As the Product Manager focused on regulatory compliance, I spend a lot of time keeping up with these rulings and laws to determine if/how they impact the current Oracle Service Cloud solution as well as upcoming enhancements and new functionality.

    In this blog post, I would like to introduce you to a little primer on regulations that many of you encounter as you manage customer data in your Oracle Service Cloud instances. While there are government related offerings for the Service Cloud, today I’d like to share some valuable pointers on how you can administer your site in retail, financial services, and health care regulated environments.

    Layman’s Overview

    First, three regulatory acronyms you should be familiar with:

    • PCI DSS - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
    • HIPAA - Health Insurance Protection and Accountability Act
    • HITECH - Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act

    PCI DSS defines the technical and operational requirements for organizations that store, process or transmit cardholder data. For more official information:

    HIPAA is a U.S law that the Health & Human Services Department uses to ensure an individual's health information is kept private and secure.  It includes standards for electronic health care transactions, unique health identifiers, and security (incorporated from HITECH Act). For more official information:

    Oracle Service Cloud Enables, But Doesn’t Guarantee, Your Compliance

    In case you were not aware, Oracle Service Cloud offers a Payment Card Industry (PCI) attested environment as a Service Provider Level 1 and environments that met the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy and Security Rules as a Business Associate. Oracle is assessed annually by a third party for PCI and HIPAA compliance for our infrastructure and specifically Service Cloud software.

    By the way, the terms “Service Provider” and “Business Associate” clarify Oracle’s role in providing a compliant service and how our audit is conducted. Special attention is given to certain requirements that would be more important or only available by a provider of a cloud service.

    Our Attestation of Compliance confirms that the services we offer have been deemed PCI compliant. The HIPAA accreditation we receive also ensures we have met the required guidelines for safeguarding protected health information. However, with the endless possibilities for customizing your Oracle Service Cloud site, you must consult with your PCI assessor or HIPAA auditor to ensure your compliance. For example, if you diverge from the default data model by creating custom fields, be sure to validate that proper controls are put in place.

    When purchasing our specialized offerings with Service Cloud, you can also include a Technical Account Manager or Oracle Cloud Priority Support. The technical assistance these services offer include assessing your customizations for suspicious and vulnerable code and offer best practices in a regulated environment.

    Oracle operates on a shared responsibility model, which means that you share responsibility for ensuring PCI or HIPAA compliance. Purchasing the PCI or HIPAA compliance packages doesn’t automatically guarantee your organization is in compliance with these regulations! Make sure that you review the Oracle Service Cloud Restricted Environment Deployment Guide to learn what specific considerations and controls to pay special attention to when deploying Oracle Service Cloud.  It offers guidance on securing and protecting your data, giving you the ability to configure a compliant environment. You can also get to this guide through the Support Knowledge base, specifically Answer 9570: Guidance for Implementing in PCI or HIPAA Service Cloud Environment.

    Want More?

    If you have questions about these regulations, what they mean for your organization or about how to ensure your site is in compliance, please leave a comment and let us know. Also, if you have experience or advice with keeping your site compliant, leave a comment and share your experience!

  • eleep
    Meet our April "Hero of the Month" Luis Melo,...20100%
    Entry posted May 17, 2017 by eleepHero, tagged Member Spotlight 

    For our next “Hero of the Month” spotlight, I am excited to introduce you to Luis Melo from Capventis. You might already know Luis by his superhero name (aka blog name)--“Doctor CX.” He truly embodies a customer service super hero as he has been a long-time blogger about Oracle Service Cloud and contributor here in the Community (and one of our 2017 Community All-Stars!).

    Luis has been an active contributor in the Hero Hub where he weighed in with on when to add custom fields/attributes to profiles or not; how they keep their agents and team updated on changes; his tips, tricks and hacks with the agent desktopkeeping your knowledge base updated; and more!

    Keep reading to learn more about Luis and his work with Oracle Service Cloud!

    Luis Melo

    Company: Capventis Ltd – We’re digital solutions specialists, and define ‘digital’ as a combination of customer experience, business Intelligence, data, processing and communications. We provide advisory, design, implementation, integration, and support services. Our partnership with Oracle goes back to 1998, and today is focused on the Oracle CX Cloud suit, of which Oracle service Cloud is a crucial part.


    How and when did you first learn about Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow)?

    Back in 2012, I was working for an Oracle partner, when Oracle acquired RightNow Technologies. Straight away we found the RightNow platform fantastic and unique, and I was tasked to learn and skill up on it, in order to establish a CX practice in the company.

    What is your role at Capventis?

    I’m a Senior Manager and Head of Solutions Delivery for the UK operation. I oversee all clients and projects in the UK, support our Business Development team and Oracle Sales organisation as a Solutions Consultant, work with our customers as a Project Manager, and alongside our team as a Lead Consultant and advisor. It allows me to learn about people’s business, challenges and issues, and collectively find the best ways to transform or address them, using technology as an enabler to ultimately improve the relationship between our clients and their customers.

    What is something that you’re proud of in your time of using Oracle Service Cloud?

    One of the best, and most challenging, implementation projects I had the opportunity to be involved with as a Lead Consultant and Project Manager was in a company with 50 offices, 700,000 customers, a global sales & marketing organisation and 2 contact centres (Europe and Asia).

    • The Challenge:  Oracle Service Cloud was chosen as the main Customer Engagement platform, at the center of a key strategic project which aimed to achieve transformation in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. And it was expected to provide the users with a full 360-degree view of the customer, making their job easier and more effective. The challenge was to synchronise data between Oracle Service Cloud and two other systems (on-premise Oracle eBusiness Suite and bespoke system stored in Amazon Cloud), and display data from those systems without holding it in the Oracle Service Cloud database.
    • The Solution: We leveraged the Oracle Service Cloud .NET framework and Connect Web Services for SOAP (CWS SOAP), to build the integration and the custom .NET components needed to synchronize and surface data. Two types of integrations were developed:
      • “Near Real-Time” type integration to synchronise key customer information and service requests, between Oracle eBusiness Suite and Oracle Service Cloud;
      • “Surfacing” type integration to get customer details, finance data and other information from Oracle eBusiness Suite and the bespoke system, and display it in a custom screen embedded in the Contact workspace.
    • Impact:  The impact on this particular organisation was an immediate increase in efficiency and employee satisfaction, with 87% of the staff providing extremely positive feedback to the new platform.

    Watch the demo!

    You’ve maintained a blog about Oracle Service Cloud for years, contribute here in the Community, are active on social channels and are active in the Hero Hub. You’ve even had blog posts featured as activities in the Hero Hub. Why do you take time to share your expertise in these public forums?

    I’m a true and profound believer of collaboration and sharing. No one can change the world on his own, and only collectively we can apply transformation and make people’s lives and businesses better. Oracle Service Cloud is a fantastic platform – since it was developed by RightNow Technologies, from the ground up, with a focus on customer and user. But when I started looking into it, and learning, there weren’t many places where I could find content. Being used to the Siebel community, which would have tens of blogs sharing knowledge, experiences, tips and tricks, I decided to create a blog ( for that same purpose. My co-workers came up with the catchy name “Doctor CX” – nickname they gave me when I started annoying them with the CX topic. Since 2012, I’ve posted 170+ posts. The blog has reached 150,000 views, 150+ Wordpress and 350+ Facebook followers. I believe it can make a difference and helps many Oracle Service Cloud users, admins and consultants.

    The Oracle Service Cloud Hero Hub is great! You can get closer to other customer service heroes out there, share with them and learn from them in an environment that is relaxed, open and transparent. Also, you find people with extreme expertise who are very proud of the quality of the work they do. Plus, it’s been fantastic to spread “Doctor CX” and give it even more visibility.

    What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t doing this?

    I would like to have had the chance to continue playing tennis, and become a professional tennis player and/or coach, get to the ATP Tour level, and travel around the world for different tournaments and events.

    What do you like to do on your days off?

    Run (I’ve done several 10k runs, and ran my first half-marathon in March 2017). Read. Chill out at home and watch non-stop sports or episodes of The Big Bang Theory on TV. Have a good meal and some drinks with family and friends. Wander around London’s least known places.


    Congratulations Luis! I remember meeting and talking with you at Modern Service Experience 2016, and you made the comment, “The more successful the broader Oracle Service Cloud Community is, the more successful we all are.” Needless to say, I’ve quoted you many times.smiley

    Want be our next Spotlighted Hero? Each month, we’ll look at active participants in the Oracle Service Cloud Hero Hub and pick a top contributor to feature next month.

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