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  • eleep
    Get Ready for the Oracle Service Cloud Community Migration!6
    Entry posted September 13, 2018 by eleepHero 

    We’ve finished packing, carefully wrapped and loaded up the data, checked the closets one last time, reminisced fondly on the years spent on this site, and started exploring and dreaming about the new neighborhood on Cloud Customer Connect. In other words, we are ready to complete the Oracle Service Cloud Community migration to Oracle Cloud Customer Connect this weekend! Read on to learn what to expect with this change.

    What to Expect with the Oracle Service Cloud Community Move:

    1. The  current Oracle Service Cloud Discussion Forum and Idea Lab will be put into read-only mode at 12:00 p.m. Mountain on Friday, September 14th.
    2. We will be working to migrate the delta data, complete testing and roll-out the new areas over the weekend.
    3. The new Oracle Service Cloud and Field Service Cloud Communities will be live on Oracle Cloud Customer Connect by 12:00 a.m. Mountain on Monday, September 17th.
    4. You will receive an email from Cloud Customer Connect, announcing the availability of the new community areas.
    5. The original Oracle Service Cloud Discussion Forums and Idea Lab will stay in read-only mode through approximately the end of November.
    6. This blog will remain open for comments to help with any questions surrounding the migration.

    Key Changes Coming with Community Migration:

    • Access to Oracle Cloud Customer Connect:  The Applications community on Cloud Customer Connect requires an Oracle SSO and is for customers and partners (independent consultants are considered on a case-by-case basis). Consider this an exclusive community with vetted membership. If you are not able to access Cloud Customer Connect after the migration, it doesn’t mean you didn’t get approved to join! We just need your help updating your account, so email to update and reactivate your account.
    • Oracle Field Service is Moving Up and Out: Oracle Field Service Cloud is often sold as a standalone product, so we decided to move Oracle Field Service Cloud up a level. The Field Service Community will include the ‘Field Service’ forum, as before, and a new Idea Lab for Field Service enhancement requests.
    • Searching for Your Answers: With any move, there is an adjustment period of figuring out where things ended up. We know finding answers to your questions is a big deal, so take a few minutes to review your search options.
    • From Support Site: You will still be able to search the Community and see related search results on the Support KB search results page, but now there are two different community search options. You can choose to search either the Oracle Service Cloud Community (the default option) or the Oracle Field Service Cloud Community. To set your community search preference for, go to ‘My Account’ > Account Settings on
    • From Cloud Customer Connect:  There are different search options, including:
      • Search Oracle Service Cloud on Cloud Customer Connect from the Answers > Service Cloud Forum.
      • Want to go deeper? Search a specific forum (e.g. discussion board, Idea Lab, calendar) by using the search embedded within the page.
      • Want to go wider? Search all of Cloud Customer Connect (e.g. all products’ forums, Idea Labs, calendars) from the search in the navigation.
    • New ‘Service Events’ Calendar: Every community has its local calendar of events. We’re pleased to be adding a dedicated Service Events calendar on Cloud Customer Connect where you can find everything from the annual Modern Customer Experience conference to all Oracle Service Cloud-related webinars. On-demand webinars will also available from this calendar.
    • New Reputation System with Badges:  Be sure to check out the Reputation Management page on Cloud Customer Connect to learn about their reputation system, including badges, ranks and more. Keep your eye out for special ranks that recognize our elite, expert and helpful members—aka the 2018 Community All-Stars—on Cloud Customer Connect as well!
    • Want to Downsize Your Community Profiles? Whether you switched jobs or are a partner with multiple accounts and community profiles, you can request to have your Community activity consolidated on one profile. To get started, email a request, including your old email addresses and your current corporate email address, to
    • Shaping the New Neighborhood: There are countless ways to contribute and shape your community. Whether you’re an All-Star, intermittent contributor or consumer, your feedback matters.
      • Cloud Customer Connect: If you have questions about or ideas for Cloud Customer Connect, be sure to share them in the Site Feedback and Questions Forum.
      • Support site: if you have suggestions for the updated, submit them to the Suggestion Box (buttons on the left of the site).
    • We’ll Stay in Touch: Oracle Cloud Customer Connect sends emails to its members updating them about upcoming events, release announcements, monthly newsletter and more.
    • Regional User Groups Receive Invite to a New Home: Regional user groups are invited to transition to Oracle’s Global User Group program, where user groups can host their group on Oracle’s portal platform. This platform has similar functionality to the functionality provided here. For more information, please visit the Oracle User Group Portal or request a social group.
    • Blogs are Boarding Up Together: Over the next few months, we will migrate relevant blog posts from the Oracle Service Cloud Customer Success Blog to the Oracle CX Blog.This blog will provide a more modern experience and will also include information from the Oracle CX Suite, CX industry news and more.

    Finally, I encourage you to take a few minutes to update your community search preference on and familiarize yourself with Cloud Customer Connect (e.g. update your Community profile and community subscriptions) early next week, instead of waiting until the next time you have a burning question and need the Community’s help.

    Also, please share your questions and feedback, so both Oracle Service Cloud Technical Support and the Cloud Customer Connect team can continue to make meaningful improvements for you. And remember we’ll keep this blog open for comments throughout this change.

    See you in the Community!

  • eleep
    Come with us! The Oracle Service Cloud Community is Moving!24100%
    Entry posted July 31, 2018 by eleepHero 

    While 'customer experience' (CX) started as a fashionable buzzword, it’s been steadily maturing into its own discipline, an ongoing topic of thought leadership, and a routine category on management reports. With the ever-growing industry research around the importance and business value of CX, organizations are approaching their CX from a more holistic viewpoint and looking for comprehensive solutions, not point solutions, to support them.

    In fact, we see more and more customers, like PellaSound United (Denon + Marantz), Overhead DoorYamaha Motor Co., Fanatics, and Lowes Foods, using Oracle Service Cloud in conjunction with other applications in the Oracle Cloud. We are honored to partner with these organizations–whether they’re on a path to delivering legendary CX or in the midst of a digital transformation. This is core to Oracle’s value proposition of integrated cloud solutions.

    Your organization isn’t alone in its CX journey. Oracle is working on its own digital transformation to simplify, streamline and improve their Cloud offering. You’ve probably seen some of these changes (e.g. training, documentation, product release names, patches, maintenance schedules) over the years.

    Moving Towards a Consistent Community Experience

    Online communities are another area where Oracle is working to bring more consistency to your experience. To that end, we’re working to migrate the Oracle Service Cloud Community over to Oracle Cloud Customer Connect.

    Oracle Cloud Customer Connect is an exclusive community where licensed customers and partners can:

    • Engage and collaborate in forums and Idea Labs
    • Find the latest product information, including product releases and customer events
    • Easily access product documentation, training (including the new FREE training!) and more

    This change will create a more consistent community experience, regardless of what Oracle Cloud solutions your organization is using.

    Doing a Deep Clean in the Community

    With this migration, we are also taking this opportunity to update forum and Idea Lab taxonomy and archive select community content (We still have discussions going back to 2006…yikes!).

    In a nutshell, we are planning to migrate the captured community brainpower and collaboration to Cloud Customer Connect and minimize any impact to your Community reputation. The more granular detail of this community 'deep clean' include:

    • Discussion Forum: 
      • Generously migrating discussions where there has been comments, best answers and ratings
      • Archiving older content where there weren’t any responses or ratings
    • Idea Lab:
      • Migrating ideas that have been active since 2017 and any ideas with some accumulated level comments or ratings (e.g. 5 comments or 5 votes)
      • Archiving older ideas that don't have much, if any, collaboration (aka comments) or prioritization (aka ratings)

    If you find an older community thread that was helpful to you, take a moment to give it a positive rating or add a comment (e.g. "Just wanted to say that this thread helped me solve a problem today. Thanks!"). Your helps us ensure all the valuable community nuggets get migrated.

    Changes to Online Community Access

    There is a key difference in access and exclusivity between these Oracle communities. Currently, anyone can join and participate in the Oracle Service Cloud Community while the Applications (SaaS) community on Oracle Cloud Customer Connect is exclusively for Oracle customers and partners. Also, community access will no longer be tied to your Oracle Service Cloud Technical Support access, so it won't matter if you have access to Technical Support. 

    If you are currently accessing the Oracle Service Cloud Community with a personal email account (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or Outlook) and not a corporate email account, you will soon receive an email from Oracle Cloud Customer Connect requesting your corporate email address. Please take a minute to respond and help us update your account to ensure your appropriate access to Oracle Cloud Customer Connect. If you don’t respond by the deadline (or who don’t have a corporate email address and company information), your account will be migrated but inactivated, and you will need to contact the Cloud Customer Connect team to reactivate your account.


    Change can be tough (at least it is for me!), so we are working to make the migration as smooth as possible for you. Stay tuned for more details on the specifics and timing of this migration. As we work to improve your CX and migrate our community to Cloud Customer Connect, please let know if your questions and feedback.

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