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  • Luis Melo
    Fine-Tuning Your Service Cloud Configuration Settings5100%
    Entry posted June 7, 2018 by Luis MeloMaster, tagged Member Spotlight, Product / Product Release 

    Oracle Service Cloud has circa 500 configuration settings, which control the platform’s functions. This is part of what makes it so powerful…there are endless ways to configure and customize the solution to fit your needs! Some of these configuration settings are commonly used, but many of them are not as well known. Make sure you’re fine-tuning these levers and buttons within your Oracle Service Cloud implementation to fit your organization’s unique needs and to deliver great experiences to your customers.

    I have been covering some of these lesser known configuration settings on my blog, Doctor CX, and for the next installment of configuration settings, I wanted to feature configuration settings shared by my fellow CX Heroes in the Oracle Service Cloud Hero Hub.

    Disable Chat on Holidays

    Jessica CampbellThe CS_HOLIDAY_MSG_ENABLED configuration setting was mentioned by Jessica Campbell, Program Manager of Customer Experience at Brother International Corporation (and fellow Community All-Star!). Jessica used this configuration setting to disable the chat during holidays.

    If it is enabled (set to “Yes”) then OSvC will use the holidays table (which you can find in Configurations > Service > Service Level Agreements > Holidays) to determine whether the Live Chat should be enabled or disabled.

    If your customers try to use the Live Chat channel on a date that is specified as a holiday, they will be shown a message stating it is a holiday and no agent is available.

    The default value for this configuration setting is disabled (set to “No”).

    Give Agents a Head Start on Answering Questions

    Kristine TannertThe SNEAK_PREVIEW_ENABLED configuration setting was shared by Kristine Tannert, Product Manager for Insperity. She says her agents love the Sneak Preview functionality, as it allows them to get ahead of the game and prepare responses on chat with the customers. This is particularly helpful since the questions their agents have to answer for customers can sometimes take awhile to investigate, so anything that helps them get a jumpstart on answering the customers question is appreciated!

    It enables the Sneak Preview functionality, which allows agents to preview what a customer is typing prior to the customer sending the message.The default value for this configuration setting is disabled (set to “No”).

    QA Your Chat Transcripts

    Robert PozderecThe INC_INCLUDE_POST_TIME configuration setting was mentioned by Robert Pozderec, Manager of Customer Loyalty and Retention from Brother International Corporation, who said it is an extremely important setting when it comes to QA (Quality Assurance).

    It specifies whether the post time is to be included in incidents created for a Chat session, meaning messages in the chat transcript will have a date and time against it. The default value for this configuration setting is disabled (set to “No”).

    Run Large Reports with Custom Scripts

    Sasi GudimettaThe CUSTOM_SCRIPT_DATA_SIZE configuration setting was highlighted by Sasi Gudimetta, Senior Software Engineer at partner AST Corporation, who shared that he usually works with reports that have custom scripts, and these have a query data limit, controlled by this setting, which needs to be increased to avoid the script from stopping after the defined number of rows, and the report output from being “No Value”.

    This configuration setting specifies the size of the data buffer (in bytes) used when processing custom scripts in Analytics.

    The default value for this configuration setting is 50,000. The minimum value is zero (0) and the maximum value is 2,147,483,647.

    Keep in mind increasing this to a large value causes the custom script to parse more of the report data (which is good!), but this also causes additional load on the server, which could result in negative performance impact for the overall site (not so good!).


    Hopefully, these config setting tips (and use cases!) encourages you to keep digging into those 500+ config settings in Oracle Service Cloud. I’d love to hear what your experience has been with these configuration settings (e.g. feedback, use cases).


  • Daniel Foppen
    What's Waiting in Oracle Service Cloud 18B Release for...10100%
    Entry posted May 24, 2018 by Daniel FoppenJourneyer, tagged Product / Product Release 

    Oracle Service Cloud 18B release is now live and waiting for you! You'll find new functionalities and enhancements that empower our customers to streamline and simplify the service experience for agents and consumers.

    The Oracle Service Cloud 18B Release includes some exciting new features including:

    • Virtual Assistant
    • XML sitemaps with the web collection crawling content processing function
    • An Integration Cloud Service OPA adapter
    • Service Cloud Platform including, Enhancements to SAML Single Logout, Incident Threads Masking, and Data Lifecycle Enhancements

    To learn more, watch the Oracle Service Cloud 18B release video, Part I and 2.

    Oracle Service Cloud 18B Release Video, Part I









    Oracle Service Cloud 18B Release Video, Part 2

    Oracle Service Cloud 18B Release Video, Part 1








    Oracle Service Cloud 18B Release Resources

    For more detailed information on these and a rest of the features in the 18B release please visit the resources below.

    Leave a comment with what you're most excited using in Oracle Service Cloud 18B and how you're thinking about using it in your organization. We'd love to hear from you.



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