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  • Stephanie Kaleva
    Oracle's Modern Service Experience Pre-Conference...
    Entry posted 12:36 PM by Stephanie KalevaSpecialist, tagged Modern Service Experience 

    Wednesday kicked off the start of country music concerts in Montana for 2017 – Eric Church played for three hours to an enthusiastic Bozeman crowd. Favorite songs included Talladega and Springsteen.

    The start of country music concerts in Montana automatically gets me excited for the county fair. This year, I get to see the Eli Young Band perform, who I’ve loved for years. (Yup, #ilovecountrymusic.)

    But, I enjoy more than just music at the county fair; I love the rides, the rodeo, running into friends, the food, the summer sun, and studying the 4H projects (photography especially). I also love the Modern Service Experience and am especially excited about this year's pre-conference training workshops, which have a lot in common with the county fair.

    Connecting with friends
    Each year at the county fair, I run into current and former colleagues, my children’s classmates and their families, people I know from various community activities, and even extended family. At this year’s pre-conference training workshops, you’ll have the chance to connect with workshop facilitators (Oracle developers, product managers, and solution consultants along with gold sponsor Helix) along with fellow colleagues from companies around the world who are also using Oracle Service Cloud to deliver differentiated service experiences.

    Getting time with experts
    As a girl from Montana, I always take a trip to the horse barn, studying these beautiful animals and talking to the 4H students about the work it took to raise and train these majestic creatures. In our pre-conference training workshops, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to our expert product managers, developers, solution consultants, and gold sponsor Helix and study the Oracle Service Cloud solution and expand your knowledge of the product.

    A chunk of time to dive in deep
    The fair is open late into the night, which gives me plenty of time to wander through the 4H exhibit hall where I can study the photographic work of community members, leaving inspired and armed with a few ideas to try when I return home. With this year’s pre-conference workshops, we’ve dedicated 2.5 hours to each workshop and are repeating each topic to ensure you get plenty of time to dive into topics of interest. Promise – you’ll leave inspired and armed with a few ideas to try once back at the office.

    A chance to practice and apply new skills
    As a kid, I remember desperately wanting a big stuffed teddy bear from one of the carnival games. Unfortunately, I never had enough money to try and win one. Fortunately, for you, pre-conference training workshops are free with your conference registration (use code DSSEB17 for a $999 rate, $1000 off the onsite rate). This way, you can spend the morning or afternoon developing your skills in particular areas of the product. While I can’t promise any prizes, maybe your new dashboard or workflow will help drive organizational change or cost savings and position you for a raise!

    So many choices
    While it’s arguably not the most healthy, food fair is fantastic, and there are so many choices – pizza, tacos, tiger paws, snow cones, fresh squeezed lemonade, and the list goes on. Similarly, this year we’ve expanded our workshops to give you more choices – eight topics that will run in the morning and repeat again in the afternoon.

    Learn more about the workshops and reserve your seat today! (Just like you need a ticket to ride the Zipper, Tilt-o-Whirl, or Sizzler, you must register to attend the workshops separately from registering for the conference. Seats are limited to 30 per workshop and are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.)

    See you in Las Vegas!

  • Danette Beal
    What Do Cookies and Ask the Experts Have in Common?100%
    Entry posted March 22, 2017 by Danette BealGrand Master, tagged Ask the Experts, Industry News and Events, Modern Service Experience 

    Spring is my favorite season of the year for many reasons. Living north of the 45th parallel winters tend to be dark and dreary and I always look forward to the longer days and warmer nights. It's also the time of year when girls across America become mini entrepreneurs selling what can only be described as the most addictive cookie ever. Those reasons alone should be enough for me to jump for joy as we roll into April but what I'm most excited about is this year's Ask the Expert at Modern Service Experience.


    Ask The Experts is one of our most popular events at Modern Service Experience and offers one on one time between you and an Oracle Service Cloud expert. Community queen, Erica Anderson has passed down her baton; and I, along with gold sponsor Helix Business Solutions, are in full planning mode to deliver what should be the best Ask the Experts yet. Much like those cookies, Ask the Experts is primed to become your new addiction with attendees waiting anxiously for the event to start. In order to get the most from your time at Ask the Experts, here are three tips to keep in mind before the event, with a side of dessert.

    1. Order Early

    We have compiled experts from Helix and Oracle Product Management, Development and Consulting. Their time is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’ve got a hankering for mint chocolate, don’t risk settling for oatmeal cookies. Instead, be the first in line to reserve your spot. Unlike cookies, Ask the Experts is free with event registration. Registering early gives your expert time to evaluate your question and chat with you ahead of the event if needed. Don't miss out on this opportunity to jump the line and get ahead of the crowds.

    2. Be Prepared

    Like any good scout, Ask the Expert attendees should make “Be Prepared” their motto. Attendees have 60 minutes to meet an expert and work through their specific question. Preparing for the session is key.

    Decide on your goal for the session ahead of time. Analyzing your expectations will help understand whether your goals are achievable. Asking your expert to help you design and implement a multi-level workflow that is fully tested by the end of the session is unrealistic. However, coming prepared with a design and workflow to test along with specific questions will help maximize your time together.

    Whatever the question is, make sure to think through the use case and steps taken that can be shared with your expert. Tap into your inner scout and bring all the tools to the event that will ensure your journey to success. Don’t forget a laptop with access to your test site as well as a charger. We'll supply the Wi-Fi connection and power outlet.

    3. Find your Swaps

    You may be wondering, what is a “swap?” The concept comes from the scout world and is a “Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere”. I'm not suggesting we all become crafty and turn a bottle cap into an elaborate pin to give to your expert. Instead, use the concept of a swap to help shape your Ask the Experts experience.

    The intent of a swap is to make connections. Building a rapport with your expert can be tough during a 60 minute session when all you want are answers. So make an effort to get to know him or her ahead of time. You will receive information about your expert prior to the event. Find out who they are, connect on LinkedIn, and understand their background and position in the industry. These forged connections will help break the ice, and make your session more fluid and comfortable as you network at Modern Service Experience.

    Remember, the goal of Ask the Experts is to have one-on-one time with the professionals who have the answers. We want you to enjoy it! By adding these essential tasks to your Ask the Experts to do list, you will not only maximize your session but gain a new Oracle Service Cloud contact and have lot of fun along the way.

    I am excited to meet you in Vegas and learn how your pre-event preparation paid off! 

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