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How long a ticket will expire after status resolved?Answered100%24Leonardo SantosRookieYesterday
Automatically email product manager when sending incident...939OpieExplorerYesterday
Incident -Assign the group id through the custom processAnswered1334incident group to queue.phpMuthulakshmi MuthaiahExpertYesterday
Set custom Incident source for custom Page URL327Mirela IepureWhizApril 24, 2017
How to force new agent-created contact to use an SLA652Brian L.ApprenticeApril 24, 2017
How to verify archived child custom object data for an...322Ramesh KandulaRegularApril 21, 2017
If Current Date is Holiday - Business Rule100%434James BRookieApril 14, 2017
Add “child” incidents to an existing incidentAnswered582Jaya Krishna Sumanth ChRegularApril 14, 2017
multiple emails cc'd creating duplicate incidnets100%332Kim DanteApprenticeApril 6, 2017
Data Migration is possible through Add-ins?Answered328Vikash PatelRegularApril 6, 2017
Escalation notification in system100%244Muthulakshmi MuthaiahExpertMarch 30, 2017
Max number of indexes for Incident tableAnswered117Kamil BrzuszczykRegularMarch 30, 2017
Incident content repeating upon each reply891Simon EcclesApprenticeMarch 24, 2017
Looking for a guide on custom web form creation222Bruno AunRookieMarch 24, 2017
Date Grouping - custom grouping neededAnswered453Yolanda QuinonesRegularMarch 24, 2017
Incident escalation to manager issue458Muthulakshmi MuthaiahExpertMarch 23, 2017
Googlemail vs gmail - Incident updatesAnswered100%988Matthias HintnerExpertMarch 23, 2017
Adding Holidays to SLAs?341Brian L.ApprenticeMarch 23, 2017
Set custom field value from customer thread664Steve TerhuneRegularMarch 23, 2017
Reopened Incident - Pulling Info from Older IncidentAnswered459Brandon KreinesJourneyerMarch 23, 2017
Available Fill Inbox rules/permissions124JamesExplorerMarch 21, 2017
Automatic assignments based on channel and language554Rakesh SureshRookieMarch 18, 2017
Transferred chat Incident is assigned to original agent358eyespike1WhizMarch 17, 2017
Advanced Searching in Archived Incidents127Brandon KreinesJourneyerMarch 16, 2017
How to search an incident's subject and body234Nate FisherRookieMarch 13, 2017
Browser Client for Agents34574KyleLegendMarch 10, 2017
Deleting entries in message threadAnswered540Gireesh BhatExplorerMarch 9, 2017
Response Requirements - More than One664ToddExplorerMarch 8, 2017
Customer update Exclude in incident threadAnswered662Muthulakshmi MuthaiahExpertMarch 7, 2017

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