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Query : General Service Mailbox29MBInnovatorYesterday
Plain text email versus HTML email314Daryll RoweYesterday
SLA010Muthulakshmi MuthaiahJourneyerYesterday
Reassign Incident to User who Created the Incident112Eric SimonsenRookieMarch 26, 2015
Incident Re-Assignment317SharRookieMarch 26, 2015
Email routing637ruleset.JPGPreben Kristoffer EdvardsenRegularMarch 26, 2015
Recurring Escalations342Ryan SchofieldSpecialistMarch 25, 2015
Always have to uninstall/reinstall Outlook Integration...219KyleSuper EliteMarch 25, 2015
Service Collaboration100%14172Scott SloanRegularMarch 24, 2015
how to interface contacts daily from a csv?624Geraud AndreuxJourneyerMarch 20, 2015
Using Incident Data Import Wizard to import multiple threads...243Larry EdwardsRookieMarch 20, 2015
How to make answers hyperlinked in an emailAnswered551Smart Assistant1.pngMuthulakshmi MuthaiahJourneyerMarch 20, 2015
Updating Incident Status with business rules?Answered231Muthulakshmi MuthaiahJourneyerMarch 20, 2015
Multiple Interface Incident Routing115Brian SmithMarch 19, 2015
Incident ReopenAnswered313Muthulakshmi MuthaiahJourneyerMarch 18, 2015
Auto forward or move logic Service MailboxAnswered228MBInnovatorMarch 17, 2015
Issue about "Commit response when incident is...015Guillaume BORDESRookieMarch 17, 2015
Prevent two agents working on same incident944Marcin MajcherExplorerMarch 17, 2015
Customer’s reply is being attached as an .html file i...213Manoj ShereRegularMarch 17, 2015
Process rules without updating incident633Jared TerryRegularMarch 16, 2015
Standard Text - multi edit visibility?121jtRegularMarch 12, 2015
The death of Send On Save... FINALLY100%179KyleSuper EliteMarch 11, 2015
creating new multiple incidents for different contacts228Nico SchmierlRookieMarch 11, 2015
Audit log description queryAnswered217Ralph SunleyJourneyerMarch 11, 2015
Problem with a Round Robin (session initiated) in a...385Christian AlfaroRegularMarch 5, 2015
SLA function129Jared TerryRegularMarch 4, 2015
New incident attachments to be included on email to customerAnswered100%14103Jody BroylesJourneyerMarch 4, 2015
Browser Client for Agents1786KyleSuper EliteMarch 4, 2015
Spam Incidents126Marlena C.JourneyerFebruary 26, 2015
Incidents Created by Account228Matt MillerRegularFebruary 25, 2015

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