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Analytics Cookbook100%142357Kenny TietzExpertMarch 28, 2018
Best Practice Guide - How to Improve Reporting Performance...100%64606Oracle Service Cloud - Analytics Performance Best Practices.pdfKenny TietzExpertSeptember 18, 2017
How You Can Contribute to the Analytics Cookbook100%0581Analytics-Cookbook-Report-Recipe-Template-170112.docxKenny TietzExpertJanuary 13, 2017
Accessing Filters in a Column Definition220JJMaster8:43 AM
Answer Feedback Details (By Answer) - Analytics...100%2212Cookbook Report Recipe_10_Feedback on Answer Details_v2.zipJoe LandersExplorer5:58 AM
Ability to track customer email notification via reports37Seethalakshmi SWhiz4:12 AM
Report for workspaces assigned to which profilesAnswered131JLFolkmanMasterApril 20, 2018
Report on Text Responses within Guide100%032Danielle BrackettExplorerApril 19, 2018
SmartSense Reporting28Christos PatikasJourneyerApril 18, 2018
Table join on non-primary key06Barry LanmanRookieApril 18, 2018
Tickets by transaction233Leonardo SantosWhizApril 18, 2018
union, join, or transposing field values into a calculated...316Scott HeidenreichWhizApril 17, 2018
Adding BCC email address to Email response report225Brent KoozerRookieApril 16, 2018
How to display a report with data filtered by a custom...Answered1034Noorshabah RamjaneeExplorerApril 16, 2018
How do I order By a particular column in a Report?Answered218Noorshabah RamjaneeExplorerApril 16, 2018
How do I delete all data from an object/table?Answered325Noorshabah RamjaneeExplorerApril 16, 2018
Agent Login Report: calculating inactivity / idle time100%72477Mark KehoeMasterApril 16, 2018
Incident Closures by Group - Analytics Cookbook Recipe100%9268Incident Closures by Group.zipColby RossWhizApril 13, 2018
Deriving Business Intelligence through Service Cloud Value...100%23897Joe LandersExplorerApril 13, 2018
External Data Reports with Browser UI - Analytics Cookbook...100%31925analytics_recipe.zipScott HarwellGuruApril 13, 2018
Where Clause in Desktop .NET app08Jorge CNewbieApril 13, 2018
Answer effectiveness - incidents generated418LornaExpertApril 11, 2018
Display/Hide a column based on a condition125Leomar CortezNewbieApril 10, 2018
Report Page Design Issue - Rightnow Agent Browser019Report Page Design Issue.docxRanjith Kumar MJourneyerApril 9, 2018
Values ​​change when grouping date changes224Leonardo SantosWhizApril 8, 2018
Report in chat workspace filtered by incident custom field939VenkatExplorerApril 6, 2018
Primary key for transactions tableAnswered379Piyush SanklaRookieApril 6, 2018
Produce Certificates215Nizam MogalRookieApril 6, 2018
Is it possible to export Archived incidents to a readable...Answered100%383Pavol ProckaMasterApril 5, 2018
For the abandoned chat , how can ı get contact id with a...100%227Report definition.pngBilyanRookieApril 5, 2018

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