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Best Practice Guide - How to Improve Reporting Performance...100%62927Oracle Service Cloud - Analytics Performance Best Practices.pdfKenny TExpertSeptember 18, 2017
Analytics Cookbook100%115990Kenny TExpertSeptember 1, 2017
How You Can Contribute to the Analytics Cookbook100%0324Analytics-Cookbook-Report-Recipe-Template-170112.docxKenny TExpertJanuary 13, 2017
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Can I be notified when changes are made to reports?613vincent fineRookieYesterday
Deriving Business Intelligence through Service Cloud Value...100%12379Joe LandersExplorerYesterday
Hi Group, I'm trying to get help with a report...07Flávio RibeiroRookieYesterday
ROQL: How to use CategoryHierarchy07JJExpertSeptember 20, 2017
Count incidents when a date_group and count(*) is...525JJExpertSeptember 20, 2017
String Replace Function in Report8455RDSpecialistSeptember 20, 2017
Hide row if a column contains a certain valueAnswered456JLFolkmanProSeptember 19, 2017
Report - First response SLA from the first customer...636Leonardo SantosJourneyerSeptember 19, 2017
PHP with Cross Tab013After cross tab.JPGpaul maksimovicRegularSeptember 19, 2017
Including transactions disables report record commands314Filipe EstacioRookieSeptember 19, 2017
How to replicate CASE statements233JJExpertSeptember 18, 2017
Separating chat agent intervals by hour228Report output_desired output.xlsxZiv SRookieSeptember 16, 2017
Advanced Analytics w/ BI/Data Visualization for OSvC -...100%287Advanced Analytics for Oracle Service Cloud - Overview.zipKenny TExpertSeptember 14, 2017
Exceptions: Conditions using aggregate functions and...100%2653Mike490RegularSeptember 13, 2017
Viewing Popular Answers (Report ID 162) in ConsoleAnswered321Marlena CExplorerSeptember 13, 2017
Can you customize the list of items when you right click...220JLFolkmanProSeptember 13, 2017
Displaying recent/last 5 records based on date/time...225Rakesh SureshRegularSeptember 13, 2017
How do I obtain an API token119Dan CleggExplorerSeptember 13, 2017
chat_launch page hit count216Hanna PageExplorerSeptember 13, 2017
Fetch last 5 modified records330vijay kalidasanWhizSeptember 13, 2017
Validating Report Filter Entries122Dan CleggExplorerSeptember 12, 2017
Report View as a specific Account User when testing Reports239Mike KramerApprenticeSeptember 11, 2017
Filter in Expression431JJExpertSeptember 11, 2017
Help to Improve Efficiency of Transactions Query?224SE Incidents v2 112947.xmlJaayBJourneyerSeptember 11, 2017
Create custom report with Audit log of Account management100%449Luis Daniel Contreras GuillenRookieSeptember 8, 2017

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