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Analytics Cookbook100%011866Kenny TExpertMay 15, 2017
How You Can Contribute to the Analytics Cookbook100%0233Analytics-Cookbook-Report-Recipe-Template-170112.docxKenny TExpertJanuary 13, 2017
Best Practice Guide - How to Improve Reporting Performance...100%31955Oracle Service Cloud - Analytics Performance Best Practices.pdfKenny TExpertApril 22, 2016
Count time between two dates using a SLA252Guilherme BorgesRegularYesterday
Displaying Averages in a Chart11083sarahblockerApprenticeYesterday
Search in Answer Source (Using Custom Script) -...100%3328Answer Search in Source.zipBastiaan van der KooijInnovatorYesterday
Chat Report to show Time when Chatter is waiting for a...011CorineMcWhizYesterday
Analytic Report Row Count126vignesh senthil kumarJourneyerYesterday
If agents don't check 'Send on Save'318Shelbi HardinRegularYesterday
Yesterday's Backlog + Today's Created Incidents228Nicole PaggettRookieMay 23, 2017
Report of 2 survey questions in one survey659Marcin MajcherJourneyerMay 23, 2017
Show all requests by category and then by source730JJApprenticeMay 22, 2017
Message Base table not showing on the Report tables322Douglas HenriqueExplorerMay 22, 2017
Mailings - Detail behind the total opened / unique opens /...230Mailing info.docxDave BentleyRookieMay 22, 2017
Reporting on KB usage across set IP range using clickstreams...848Anthony SmithWhizMay 19, 2017
How to index out-of-the-box fields329CherylKExplorerMay 19, 2017
Report Incidents with Completed Tasks ONLYAnswered326Mike KramerWhizMay 19, 2017
Compare values using different expressions- Vlookup318paul maksimovicRegularMay 19, 2017
Agent duration in current status453Paul McCartyRegularMay 19, 2017
Custom Report Display Error "A generic error occur in...128Baljeet SinghWhizMay 18, 2017
Chained Menu Report Filters326Ricardo LuzRookieMay 18, 2017
Transactional report (Matrix) results by Incident...353Christos PatikasJourneyerMay 17, 2017
Using Report Management Module (RMM) To Find Reports...100%31245Kenny TExpertMay 17, 2017
How to ensure that a scheduled report in either excel or PDF...561pdf print version.JPGpaul maksimovicRegularMay 16, 2017
Knowledge Advanced Questions and Sessions Count by Day -...100%3167KA Questions and Sessions Report Recipe.zipRamesh ManianRookieMay 15, 2017
Populating an Incident field using a reportAnswered235Steve FlynnRegularMay 15, 2017
Tracked links for emailed reports?119Nick LApprenticeMay 12, 2017
Output Error Log for a Report Custom Script548Michael LocurcioSpecialistMay 11, 2017
Fill Inbox Report564Janusz JasinskiSpecialistMay 10, 2017
Restart the SLA timestamp when transferring queues331Leonardo SantosRegularMay 10, 2017

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