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Analytics Cookbook100%09497Kenny TSpecialistMarch 1, 2017
How You Can Contribute to the Analytics Cookbook100%0156Analytics-Cookbook-Report-Recipe-Template-170112.docxKenny TSpecialistJanuary 13, 2017
Best Practice Guide - How to Improve Reporting Performance...100%31512Oracle Service Cloud - Analytics Performance Best Practices.pdfKenny TSpecialistApril 22, 2016
Calculate Time Elapsed, excluding Close of Business Hours24Andy TownshendRegular10:53 AM
Measuring Agent Transactions for Incidents - Best Practice05Dorothy NormanRegular10:16 AM
Previously assigned accountAnswered328Christos PatikasJourneyer8:39 AM
Report to show only Tickets from Contacts w/ Multiple Open...Answered100%526Andy TownshendRegular8:30 AM
Report on answers read by agents817Read answers search report definition.xlsxHansSpecialist7:48 AM
User Login Activity - BUIAnswered3224Darsen PrasadSpecialistYesterday
Escalated Reports and Charts213Ali Raza JahangirRookieYesterday
Hw do you find the original contact of an incident246LornaSpecialistYesterday
Chat ReportAnswered625Terri MRegularMarch 24, 2017
Variable within a variable336Ineke ClewerApprenticeMarch 24, 2017
Show English summary for meta level report625LornaSpecialistMarch 23, 2017
Report in Workspace of object whose ID is being used by...Answered328Mike KramerWhizMarch 23, 2017
incidents table not showing latest resultsAnswered646Vignesh NagarajanWhizMarch 22, 2017
Report of Organizations and States duplicate resultsAnswered31203acdanaRegularMarch 22, 2017
Expresssion guidance - Syntax for ORAnswered231Shannon HallRookieMarch 22, 2017
Is there an Out of the Box report to see chat transfer...341Ajay JohnWhizMarch 22, 2017
Report Expression - Fowarded Incidents100%125Chandini DavisExplorerMarch 22, 2017
variable in the subject of a scheduled report128KaiRegularMarch 21, 2017
Finding all reports where Add-Ins are used245CherylKJourneyerMarch 20, 2017
High number of declined chatsAnswered11112Vignesh NagarajanWhizMarch 20, 2017
How to display knowledgebase by Keyword only not by Phrases240J SmithApprenticeMarch 19, 2017
Failure Summary/Details for Scheduled Reports?134Joe PowellExplorerMarch 17, 2017
How to easily monitor customer portal users' web visit...Answered554LaurenJourneyerMarch 16, 2017
Article Helpfulness Rating Benchmarks015Chris bryanNewbieMarch 16, 2017
Dashboard Charts Do Not Display Correctly In Scrollable Mode126Gregg KoselJourneyerMarch 16, 2017
Report showing incidents closed by agent vs incidents closed...458twiteetaRookieMarch 16, 2017
Chat Agent Statuses - determining time in stateAnswered365Dan CleggExplorerMarch 15, 2017

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