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Answer Link removing text and insert the Link or URL only215Brooke CameronRegular9:10 AM
Notification for Duplicate Cases750Emily S.Explorer2:50 AM
Mutiple Workspace Rules not cumulatively controlling the...Answered100%331Sean O'LoughlinRegularYesterday
Console Notification - Adding Ref_no. to Console...011SharRegularYesterday
Modify Staff Account workspace?Answered342Brian L.ApprenticeYesterday
SLAs - Orgs or Contacts100%832Makarand MalandkarExplorerYesterday
Browser UI Workspace Rules "in list" conditions118Kevin KlineRookieYesterday
Can Rules be enabled / disabled in advance?428Kristine TannertExplorerYesterday
Standard Text - 70% String Cannot Be Converted... eror100%227Howard WilliamsExplorerMarch 23, 2017
Rich text450Toby ThomasWhizMarch 23, 2017
Desktop Add-in Not Available in Agent Desktop670vignesh senthil kumarRegularMarch 23, 2017
How to send escalation notification to manager without CPM223Sriranjjani MuralidharanExplorerMarch 23, 2017
How to Send a Customised Notifications within the Oracle...227Saravanan SSpecialistMarch 23, 2017
add url parameter (via merge field or so) in...197David RiedelJourneyerMarch 22, 2017
Profile/Queue LimitationAnswered444Muthulakshmi MuthaiahExpertMarch 22, 2017
Notification Popup in RightNow71564Josh KarpinskiJourneyerMarch 22, 2017
Service Mailbox ConfigurationAnswered255Eric MuiruirRookieMarch 22, 2017
My Services/Configuration Asistant - Password Expiration233Steve RobertsRookieMarch 22, 2017
Mobile agent app-FeaturesAnswered558Muthulakshmi MuthaiahExpertMarch 21, 2017
Workspace with only the "Private Note" option.Answered100%41334D. KittingerExplorerMarch 21, 2017
Enhanced Console - Focus cursor no longer automated4124The JoanExpertMarch 21, 2017
Agent Browser UI337vignesh senthil kumarRegularMarch 21, 2017
How to configure custom webservices (SOAP /REST)Answered1178Vinod RavindranJourneyerMarch 18, 2017
How to format Analytics filter date value in JSON for REST...100%456Tony WilliamExpertMarch 17, 2017
PeopleSoft transaction pages in Agent Desktop Browser...100%356Brian WebbJourneyerMarch 17, 2017
Display of knowledge base answers within agent script115KB answer display.docxseymour janeRookieMarch 17, 2017
display banner flag in reportAnswered398banner flag.JPGTobias DeppenRegularMarch 17, 2017
Help with Answer workflow523Ian OliverRookieMarch 16, 2017
Dependent Choice List553Sindhuja MallelaRegularMarch 15, 2017
Changing Survey Invitation Messages341Janusz JasinskiSpecialistMarch 14, 2017

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