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Integration of Service Cloud Appointment Functionality and...16Dorothy PerezRegularYesterday
Possible to assign multiple contacts to a Custom Object?Answered100%319KevinRegularYesterday
$_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] not availableAnswered100%113Steve FlynnJourneyerYesterday
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Creating a new custom field populated with all accounts in a...120Arturo ZindelExplorerYesterday
Modifying Standard Text Availability by Profile Type?Answered100%126Andy TownshendWhizJuly 27, 2017
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Oracle Service Cloud BUI as a Chrome App100%118Edson JuniorWhizJuly 27, 2017
Customize Oracle Service Cloud Logo at Top Left of Agent...Answered100%118James FlemingRookieJuly 27, 2017
BUI Reports really slow100%230Bastiaan van der KooijGuruJuly 27, 2017
Bulk adding different private note to different incidents757Marlena CJourneyerJuly 27, 2017
Single User - Multiple Profiles/QueuesAnswered538Janusz JasinskiSpecialistJuly 27, 2017
Two-Way Incident Escalation Rules222Nick LApprenticeJuly 26, 2017
Child record Data Import using mobile number instead of...128Seethalakshmi SExplorerJuly 26, 2017
Mouse click Action Listener100%119Harrison KipronoJourneyerJuly 26, 2017
Workspace Rules not firing100%9108SeniorGeekApprenticeJuly 25, 2017
How to restrict incidents and contacts to be displayed in...256Kiran RajendranExplorerJuly 21, 2017
Account- details, problem with user password220Maria NevesRookieJuly 21, 2017
Database storage limit if record retention increasedAnswered227Priya GopalWhizJuly 19, 2017
Moving data from custom fields to custom objects100%561Marlena CJourneyerJuly 18, 2017
What's the cleanest way to write incident rules for...Answered100%859Kristine TannertWhizJuly 18, 2017
Product- Category linking issue in Agent DesktopAnswered432Vijay KrishnaJourneyerJuly 18, 2017
Is it possible inline edit on reports embedded in WSAnswered241Kiran RajendranExplorerJuly 17, 2017
Time-based Rule only Triggering when contact record is...Answered240Arturo ZindelExplorerJuly 17, 2017
How much capable is Browser UI Extension compared to .Net...Answered100%250Kiran RajendranExplorerJuly 14, 2017
CTI Integration Error with Enhanced Console268Kaitlyn LaffertyRookieJuly 14, 2017
Notification when incident peak is reached125Annika PlogmakerRegularJuly 14, 2017
CPM -Queue set in incident level333Muthulakshmi MuthaiahExpertJuly 14, 2017
Escalation rule firing too soonAnswered459Escalation Rules.docxSean O'LoughlinJourneyerJuly 13, 2017
Tasks by IncidentAnswered100%126daniela gianniniRookieJuly 13, 2017

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